Wen Dee’s Wedding! 22 March 2008

Finally, my former classmate, former house mate and former guestblogger, Wen Dee has tied the knot. The wedding was extremely grand, 100 over tables of guests and with yummilicious food.

Wen Dee’s husband, Ying How owns the well know wine shop, Vintry at Damansara Heights (and a branch at Uptown Damansara). Being a person that drinks and breathes wine, the wedding theme was obviously on wine. Each table had wine corks spread over and also an empty wine bottle with candles perched on top.

The menu had a wine list with an extremely yummy Gianni Gagliardo, a sweet sparkling white wine. I had 5 glasses of it. It was like drinking at Vintry for free.

The wedding cake on the other hand was shaped like a bottle of wine and sat on a wine barrel.

And for the door gift, each non Muslim patron was given a small bottle of wine. My face was lobster red throughout the wedding.

Fellow former Sheffield University classmates took the effort to attend the wedding. Frank couldn’t make it because he had to attend his firm’s company trip. Frank, you suck big time.

Sheffield Uni ex classmates

Sheffield Uni mates
The wedding went beautifully. Ying How and Wen Dee both gave a lovely speech. It was so well written that if I’m an English teacher, I’ll give them an A+++ and 5 stars and throw in some Hello Kitty stickers on it.
Their speeches were so well presented until it’s either they are gifted public speakers or they practiced in front of the mirror everyday. Wen Dee, can you post your speech and Ying How’s speech here ah? I want to copy and paste for umm..my friend..
We were also treated with wedding pictures taken in Tuscany, Italy. Lovely.

alamak..my tie croooked..
Congratulations Ying How and Wen Dee! Children next year!!

8 thoughts on “Wen Dee’s Wedding! 22 March 2008”

  1. efly: wndee’s been a guest blogger since 2002.
    Darren: yaaa! hopefully urs got wine and tuak!!
    Amos: no drunk!!
    Khinko: didnt manage to la.

  2. all i can say is.. you have _hot_ ex-uni mates…
    okay, maybe just the front row…
    okay okay, maybe just the girl at the front row in black 😛

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