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Helloo! Leong was nice enough to let me play around with his website but gawd, I have no idea what to write here… Here is a little bit of intro anyway, I am Wen Dee and I am the only other person that stays in the basement of our house with Leong and he is so sweet coz he usually cleans the toilet that we share – ok, I think I have shared a little bit too much there. Heh.

Anyways, right now, Alex and Khai Fei are playing Dynasty Warrior 3 on Fred’s PS2 while Hun Chong, Chuo Ming (who are both lying down on the sofa together), Frank and Leong (who just made himself some creamy-looking coffee thingy) watch them… aiyah, damn sien-larh!!! Having only 3 girls in the house makes it so damn boring for us coz the other guys (besides Leong) only talk about the god-forsaken Utopia or PS2. And if we are lucky, the guys will show some signs of life and then realise – Oh hang on, there are girls in the house who don’t really give two rats ass about their computer games. 😛

I am getting such a kick outta doing this and I am sooo sorry if I have been boring… maybe I shall amuse the other Sheffield friends who come to this website, by telling them about the little quirks and fancies that each and every housemate of Watson 16 have:

Chuo Ming would go after anyone with a cleaver and threaten to chop off their balls, if you call him short or anything remotely similar.

You can hear Alex from a few streets away by the original way he yells his foul language when he loses in PS2 or Marvel Super Heroes. For example: ChauCheeeeBWAAAAAiiiiiiiii, MaaaKeHaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, MaaaChaauuuHaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii, etc.

And those who know Leong would probably know how distinctive his laughter can sound. While I can’t hear his music or anything else from his room, I can hear his bursts of laughter loud and clear and I know he must be watching SouthPark again. 😉

Fei is just plain stoned but pay attention and you can catch his classic one-liners.. 🙂 And the only time I have seen him so alive is when he is playing PS2.

Siew Lee has the chun-nest body in Sheffield and also loves to play her songs over and over and over and over and over again – thank gawd for her taste in music. Word of advice for everybody, don’t let her drink too much!!! I warned you… 😉

Mindy our resident grunge chick with a taste for long-haired (hehe) guys and cooks and bakes damn well!!! I can tell from my room when she is in the kitchen because she would be routinely fending off insults and such from the guys with remarks like “Shuddap-larh!”, “Fuck off-larh!” and the likes.. hell, she rAwks..!

And Fred is renowned for the biggest collection of porn in the student community in Sheffield!!! And I think I better shuddup now before he kills me… ;D

Ok, I shall end now before you guys start to scream bloody murder for me to stop.. 🙂 Take care all and let’s see if Leong would dare to allow me to contribute to his site ever again. Reeee!

And oh, harlow Dion!! 😉

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  1. hey leong. i’ve seen how khai fei, wen dee, frederick, mindy and chuo ming look like. but i somehow havent a clue who alex, hun cheong and siew lee are. so can i request pics of them?.

  2. jack you can see our 16 watson road group photo minus alex at at Frederick’s website Jackng, introduce yourself please 😛

  3. Ooh yes, killamulti. Staying in a house can be fun..too fun till we have no time to study. BTW, who is jack ng? How come u know me?

  4. Jack, do u mean fred’s site? It’s working. Hey, Leong where are the new photos u took recently? The one with me in it, your semi-housemate?

  5. grrr… ok. nvm. I’ll start a blog out of xes’s channel of my own:CLARYFYING TO THE WHOLE WORLD TODAY:Posted by hearts.13 March 2003Time: 5.12amGuys, C’mon… eventhough u may name it “large collection ” , but my collection is only 20 DVD in total,in fact less than 20 of them. Coz each of that costs me £49.00 on average (RM 300.00 per title). It’s a collection, not for fantasizing purposes. What human kind would get a piece of such expensive DVDs just to jerk off ? The amount of downloads Kazaa my housemates has given and those which was stored in our Network server overall is 10 times more than physical Dvds I own. For one, other ppl’s mpeg clips is as much in gigabytes, and mine just ripped off or copied. Second, most ppl just don’t bother to download it, but just crave for shared folder to access and then watch it twice as much as I really do.I just get the rare stuffs around 😀 Coz I want to keep it. Not indugle in it !Whether to believe it is up to u guys.The point where I am so much knowledageble because I’ve got ppl talking wit me telling me stuff I not suppose to know when i was in high school. One of my good buddies is the vcd tycoon in m’sia.. he just got it for me without even me asking.. and i didn’t even want it in the first place.Ppl like me just have the pleasure to buy nice things and keep it, (coz’ some u will not be able to find back in M’sia, and extremely high quality). But, when U are going to ask me who is the one who watch the most ?! It is definitely not me man.. I may be the most knowledgable abt this subject, but when I didn’t even have the chance to watch everything myself what I purchased or didn’t even bother, then u know who’s been borrowing it, and then start the justification again. 🙂 LMAO. If those with the largest collection is the horniest of all, then I have most books amongst our friends. Does that makes me the biggest book worm and smartest of all ? Nothing mean intended, just clarifying everything after tolerating for 2 years since fucking subang era in taylor’s college of being called ‘ pervert ‘ .. walao.. i am the one avoiding sex topic when it comes in conversation btw friends.. and i’m also the pervert of all.. nia beh.. always kena sabo.. OMFG. Justice not served. I am the most conservative guy in Watson 16 when it comes to this subject… ask any of the girls I know, they never had the chance ever to talk regarding this topic with me. I don’t share my porn, even I don’t reveal it or encourage ppl to go for it. I only talk bout’ sex with my girlfriends or buddies, and.. usually I’m not the one willing to start the conversation. nothing else.The last point is: THINK ! When ppl have a Ferarri, they don’t really go fasst to reach 280km/h everytime they drive it to bangsar. But ppl with proton saga actually try to reach 180km/h everyday down Federal highway. Usually the least one to have porn is the pervert of all.Again, I won’t want to point who is pervert to make me not one. Sigh. No point right ?Been carrying the title king of porn around, well if ppl insist.. lol * i might as well be a gigolo, and the my dick might as well be those super power ones like 7 inch long make all chicks beg for it coz i can make them scream. my trained up dick is massively enlarged by intensive masturbation since…. hahaha. this is getting lamer……. Hahaha.. 😉 nvm. i’ll drop the subject. u guys will eventually get back to me.. Those who read this, don’t laugh. Isn’t funny when it comes to ur situation. :DOk. i guess this is the end of the blog. I typed in coz i cared at least to let ppl re-appraise what they had beeen thinking of me anyway.. to me sex is 0% interesting, like how wendee sees ps2 sometimes aroused, sometimes just plain boring. I can even eat my dinner infront of a porn display trust me. Meanwhile, others look into it, and keeps on commenting.. “Walao.. damn cun.. nia beh.. kanineh.. wahhh.. ” O.o!?

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