what the FUCK!!!

I don’t remember if i have use this title before but don’t give a fuck la, this is definately a WHAT THE FUCK MOMENT!!!

KOPI JANTAN (MAN’s COFFEE) with ah pekS (UNCLES)model!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!
I will try to make myself try that coffee one day. I hope my buddy will not die on me after i did. *cross fingers* =/

18 thoughts on “what the FUCK!!!”

  1. i don’t like to see that ad too, glad that there’s somebody else who feels the same, kinda pity the old uncles …

  2. Kopi Jantan … hmmm … how they sort out the male coffee beans from the females i wonder … (just a thought) hmmm
    Kopi Jantan couldnt served anything like a aphrodisiac anyway

  3. yea man. this is definately a “what the fuck” moment man. its quite sexual descriminating isnt it? so there’s kopi jantan, but what about the betinas? and the jantan who turned betina? hmmm..

  4. some of the comments here really question one’s intelligence. by kopi jantan they mean kopi for the men suffering from impotency not male coffee beans and female coffee beans. and by buddy frank meant his penis not a friend. geez…

  5. HAhaha….almost all mamaks have this ad. I was pretty wtf-ed as well. And those ahpeks not even famous ahpeks.
    Who saw the dunno what biscuit billboard ad, featuring some bald guy….Wira perkasa, “Duta Biskut”. =.=

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