Where is the Hidden Camera?

Curse them peeping toms who have nothing better to do!
I’ve developed a phobia or paranoia (which is which?) that I check the cubicle carefully before I do my business, at public toilets.
I check for hidden cameras, you know. I look around cautiously before I pull down my pants.

Can it be here?

Or here?

Or here?
Where the hell are these cameras hidden? Are there any peeping toms here who are willing to share their secrets with us?
Because I am really concerned about the world (well, just www.xes.cx readers, actually) knowing how the bum of bimbobum’s truly looks like. ;

You don’t want to receive emails forwarding pictures of my bum out of the blue, do you?

28 thoughts on “Where is the Hidden Camera?”

  1. yes, dirty toilets are disgusting. but not everyone is civic minded enough to know how to use toilets properly, too.
    Czarina: O_O suddenly i forgot! i’m sorry! i think so lah
    endroo: the last pic is xes’
    pikey: i think it’s 1 Utama. suddenly i forgot
    Scuzzy & jas: ya. thanks. want to kiss it? ;P
    booby: a free show and nothing to see. sad eh? ;P
    di0n: hahahaa .. i can imagine i start my own forwarded email scandal, konon my private parts exposed ;P

  2. sometimes I get that phobia too, though I wouldn’t know what to do if I really did see somebody staring at me while I pee. Should I scream? Should I give him the finger? Should I aim and pee straight at the camera to bust it?

  3. bimbo….please take a photo of it for me. I have absolutely NO Idea how female urinals look like…Sounds wierd….got anything to aim at ar? ahahahahah

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