While it was down….

My internet was down on Tuesday…So, how do i feel when i learnt about it on Tuesday evening?
“Hmmm…no problem lar..Telekom Problem. I just prepare my Skeletal Submission for Thursday case lar.”
The next day, the Landlady ( i share the Broadband with my landlady) call Telekom. They said that it could be there broadband software. They had a lot of complaint from Bukit Raja’s resident. And how do i feel?
“diu lar, Software problem! What have Klang’s port do with PJ’s? Aiya, never mind i just study tommorow’s case lar.”
On thursday, the Landlady told me that the it was the Modem. She send it out to be repaired and we probably would be getting it back in a month time.
“Fuck! One month…what am i gonna do after i get back from work. I don’t fucking have a TV!!!..ARGHHHHH…stress!!!”
On Friday, i tried to play Championship Manager to kill time. Then all of a sudden, my power supply blew…ARRRRRGH…NO INTERNET AND NO COMPUTER!!!
Finally on Saturday, i replaced my Power Supply with a better one and MORE powerful one…The landlady manage to borrow a modem for the Low Yat people. Now, i have my computer and internet back.
Thank You, God.

9 thoughts on “While it was down….”

  1. HA haha!!
    That is so shit.. I totally know what it feels like. I don’t have a TV either, and when I first moved into my apartment, I broke my laptop -_-

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