Paul’s birthday @ La Bodega
I don’t know how many people went but we had 3 long tables full of people. We took loads of photos. No cake cutting session though. Kim said Paul doesn’t like sweet stuff.

Pictures courtesy of SING FATT of http://trancemission.sstwo.net

After that, I spent the entire night at my friend’s pub.

A mate of mine just opened a pub nearby my place. It’s pretty underground and very obscure (it’s located behind a row of shop houses). Furthermore, it’s the only shop that is open through the entire row of shops. My friends opened 2 bottles of whisky and numerous jugs of beer. And in no time, couple of them were fucked.

The pub is called “Wicked”. It reminds me of the phrase my English friends used when I was in England. Since the pub is located at a Chinese dominated area, with Ah Beng and Ah Lians all around, I think the name Wicked is… mmm…

They also hired couple of PR girls (girls who come to serve you beer and chats with you). We had a Kadazan girl who was pretty friendly.

Music was pretty alright, loads of old school R&B music. There was once we passed my Bass Agents’ Super Hard Mario Bros’s CD (hard stuff). The PR girls were fengtau-ing (shake head) to it. It was the first time I see somebody fengtau to Bass Agent’s music.

The night ended great. With great company comes great times.