Would You Invite Your Ex To Your Wedding?

Answer Yes or No.
And Why.
As for me, the answer is NO.
I don’t want them (as in ex-boyfriends) to be there to witness my happy day. They’re no longer part of my life what!

9 thoughts on “Would You Invite Your Ex To Your Wedding?”

  1. Hmm.. If the ex left me for another guy, but her life at the time I’m getting married is miserable (single and lonely).. I’ll send an invitation card just to rub it in her face *evil laugh*
    I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t attend anyway.

  2. I’ll, cuz eventhou breakup adi still can be fren mer, true or not??but are they going to attend or not, is their choice wut…
    Btw, 2nd..kekeke

  3. Depends on how many ex-es u got. Invite ’em all. Put them all in 1 table (Chinese style). Let them have a “comparism” session. 😀
    Unless you’re planning to do your wedding on a cruise (smaller than star cruise) or rent an island, then it’s unnecessary to invite them.

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