Wrong number lar!

Have you receive a call from a person who called the wrong number and accuse you of kidnapping his son?
Above a year ago, i receive a call from an Indian man.
Me : Hello
Indian Man: blah blah blah (in Tamil)
Me : Sorry, wrong number.
One minuter later…
Me : Hello
Indian Man : blah blah blah (in Tamil)
Me : Sorry, wrong number again.
Another minute later,
Me : Hello
Indian Man : BLAH BLAH BLAH (he is speaking very angrily in Tamil)
I just hung up this time.
Later, the same man called again…
Me : Hello, didn’t i tell u twice that you are calling the
wrong number?
Indina man : …..
Me : Nombor yang kamu dial ini, salah lar. (I told him in
Melay just in case he don’t understand English)
Indian man : Why u stole my son’s handphone?
Me : This is my handphone and this is my number for 2 years
Indian man : Where is my son?
Me : This is my number. I don’t know you and your son
Indian : WHERE IS MY SON!!!!
I hung up on him.
Later, he call again…
Me : Hello, i am going to tell you one LAST time…WRONG
Hung up and switch off my phone.
Was your phone number ever been use in the Ah Long (Loan Shark)registration form?
This morning, i receive such a call…
Me : Hello
Ah Long: Fei Chai (fatty), you mutherfucker, how long are u gonna
hide from me. When are you gonna give me back my money?
If you still want to see your family again, you better
fucking pay up.
then he went on scolding a whole lot of dirty words in Cantonese at the Fei Chai for one minute. He spoke so loud and fast, i hardly has chance to interrupt until he ran out of breath.
Me : ummm…Tai Gor (Bro), I think you call wrong number lar
Ah Long : Huh? You are not Fei Chai meh? Are you Fei Chai?
Although, he was asking if i am Fei Chai or not, a nickname of fat person in Cantonese but i feel like he was asking whether i am fat or not. I felt like laughing but i was afraid that the Tai Gor on the other side might not find this funny.
Me : no lar, Tai Got
Ah Long : Is your number 019-xxxxxxx
Me : Ya but i am not Fei Chai and i don’t know Fei Chai
Ah Long : Shit!!! Fei Chai is so going to die!!! By the way, sorry ar.

17 thoughts on “Wrong number lar!”

  1. wow, not only did he call you fei chai, but he also threatened to hurt your family. go find your taikor to sort him out wei!

  2. that reminded me of the time i had something almost the same happen to me, when this fellow called my house phone and ask am i the travel agent, i told him it’s the wrong no n he keep calling until i got so angry i d/c the phone hehe

  3. kahkahkaa.. this is so funny.. u should change ur number laa frank.. first india man.. then ah long… haha.. after this?? polis bukit aman huh? hahaha… but its so funny man..

  4. frank why so many ppl call ur number one, u provide some kind of part time serivce for blind old ladies issit?

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