Yet another nightlife post

Since the rave @ Melaka last month, there hasn’t been any outdoor raves to date. Most events are now held in clubs.
Lately, the Malaysian government has been contemplating whether or not to extend the night spots’ operating hours (from the usual 3am) so that to encourage tourism. I am totally against this. I foresee that the extension of night spots’ operating hours would create more social problems such as drug abuse. Also, before the imposition of the 3am rule, I notice that clubs, after 3am, are not really in good shape. During that time, usually after 3am, the remaining crowd would be the druggies, males, and more males. Most of the chicks have gone home! Bloody sausage party.
But when it comes to outdoor raves, I give my 100% support that the operating hours extend beyond 3am!

P/S: I’ve been promoting so god damn many Bass Agents/Hardsequance on this web for damn long, how come I dont get a logo on their flyers ah? How come ah? How come?

23 thoughts on “Yet another nightlife post”

  1. Xes ,
    I think you have to put up with urself for not getting the recognition.
    You are doing a fantastic job for promoting dance music culture

  2. haha blunder they forgot to change the date below for OHM session it is still stated there as 24th June :))

  3. i have to miss the battle tank wan..and go for the 4 against 1 australia PHD…ekkeke XD
    3am is fine la…anything more sure cause trouble..but outdoor raves mus extend..i agree with u on tat man! XD

  4. Haha, copy paste the previous flyers…if rave party i suggest it’s best to be from 6pm till 7am
    but for clubs i think 3am is good enough.
    Xes: u want ppl to put ur logo on it, but where’s ur logo lar? give ti to them lar…

  5. CL, i will ask hoong to put XES logo on the next batch of flyers. can u send me your logo in illustrator format. thanx for the support. we love u long time!!!! šŸ˜›

  6. Darksoul : last time known as warp a.k.a fengtau heaven, then change to Chanel which lives on for a while, then to Ruums. yea its there, they only chance and redeco the place up only..

  7. Darren: wahahhaa come to KL QUICKLY LA!
    bimbobum: no la. u more famous!
    Amos: keke giving soon!
    didjital: wooooohoooo THANKS HOONG!
    abalonedevil: kekeke i’m gonna look for the game online!
    zhong: nono! u’re never too old for it! its for 21 and above :p

  8. xes: by the time i put all the logos and websites on my flyer……itll become like a phone directory man…hahahaah

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