You Know You Can’t Be Bothered When …

… you realise that you’ve got your panties on inside out
and back to front
on a Monday morning
and you continue to wear it like that for the whole day
til you come home.
p.s. no, there was no hint of my panties sticking out of my pants like this one here! ;P pink, w00t! pink label, indeed!

5 thoughts on “You Know You Can’t Be Bothered When …”

  1. e-fly: no ah, it just made my VPL more visible, though! ;\
    xes: no lah! it’s the normal one. can’t remember what’s it called. midi? no. hmmmmmm, boy shorts? no. aiyah, i forgot.
    Adriana: haha! that would have definitely chafed! ;P

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