younger nuts are better nuts

While at work, my lady boss was laughing loudly at a pack of Pagoda peanuts. She was laughing at the phrase, “Younger nuts are better nuts”. Furthermore, the packet of Pagoda peanuts has pictures of young people on it.

Younger nuts are better nuts..

10 thoughts on “younger nuts are better nuts”

  1. ehhe yeah.. when my colleagues were laughing about that…i was thinking, “hmmm i’m the youngest here..i guess i have the best nuts here :D”

  2. heyy..waittaminute…now i know why ur nick is so familiar…u used to comment in joanne seow’s blog right? hahaha…that sial woman, never update anymore

  3. sehsehlan: the phrase lets ppl’s mind go senget keeklaine: ekke yeah! u know joanna seow ah?frank: my nuts are better than yours keke

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