1 month anniversary for rock climbing!

A day after Wall climbing and bouldering..

Skins will peel off, skins on fingers get rough, unable to grip anything the entire night and muscles ache the next day but yet, this extreme sport is enjoyable. The feeling of being able to grab a bendcrete and hold on to it is absolutely satisfying. Further, being able to bring myself up to the top was even better!

It’s been a month since I started…super body is 10% completed!!

13 thoughts on “1 month anniversary for rock climbing!”

  1. ahh.. i remember the days when my arms were too stiff to wank. And the skin on my hands would be really rough as well. Go try tfk lah.

  2. haheaheha yeah man, it’s all nice and smooth now. it’s just like when u stop playing guitar, ur thickened skin at ur finger tips just .. goes back to normal

  3. Wahhh..i miss rock climbing! :)leong: fooyoh..looks painful man..hey, where did you go? summit or 1U? :)ben: wAaha..i miss those ADP days..rock climbing on fridays.. then either makan at the keong fatt mee place (or whatchamacallit) 2 floors down.. or either jom pergi ke salmon steak and then a midnight movie…i miss is so mUch! πŸ˜€

  4. cannot grip anything entire night ah? grip what? *wink* *hahaha*intially thought of wanting to go try it out but being the vain pot i am…after looking at this picture, uhm…maybe not.

  5. steph: sunday! come la..we go on sunday πŸ˜€ Ben: ooo good.i can get back my beauutifull handsss kim: yaya summit..ehhh..1u has another climbing gym ahdi0n: i dont fapfapfap onee.. only…no need to do so..kekeekSarah: DOWAN TALK TO U LE LANCIIIfer: aiyah no worries..can wear bandages around your fingers one πŸ˜€ sow: solli ah..me and you different channel wei hehee

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