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Okay Zouk was crazy. I was there at 930PM, and the entire place was packed with people (I’m only referring to the compound outside Zouk!). The ticket queue was crazy. It was so long till it circled half of Zouk’s premise.

I was trying to get some friends who were in front of the line to get the tickets for me. But it would be RM60 by the time they get to the ticket counter. Mary had friends who were selling RM60 tickets elsewhere minus the queue. But the amount of people turned me off. Imagine 2000 people squeezed into one small box. Getting in was no problem as we had an easy way to get tickets but the fact that thousands of people squeezing in a small club is absolutely crazy.

So the rest of us adjourned to Atmosphere, thinking that the place would be empty. It was empty initially but after a while it went crazy. All the ‘Tiesto rejects’ (those who didn?t make it to Zouk) were there and the place was pack like a can of sardines. So I was one corner chatting with friends until something shitty happen. As usual loads of people were walking up and down but suddenly I felt something warm on my hands. I thought somebody spilled water on me but instead, a drunk chick vomited on my hands. GOD DAMN IT!!!!
well, I immediately wiped it off, not much damage. But the chick vomited on Hen’s legs too πŸ˜€

There were couple of funny sights though. While Choon and I were talking, a group of guys were happily drinking behind us. They even offered Kiang and PS their drinks. Half an hour later, all of them were drunk. Couple of them fell down on to the floor. Another dude vomited (lets call him puking dude) on another drunken dude sitting next to him and the best part is, the other drunken dude was unconscious hence he had puke all over his legs. Oh yeah, after that, both puking dude and drunken dude were sitting side by side holding hands. Maybe both of them think that they were holding hands with a girl..

Oh yeah at 12AM, I messaged Him asking him how Zouk was. He said, ‘Boring until kukuciao (penis)drop. Tiesto no where to be seen..all ciplak dj..over’. Then an hour later he reported to me again. He said there place was super crowded and many people couldn’t get into Zouk. Apparently the amount of people inside was limited to 2000 people. Even those with tickets couldn’t get in.

Anyway, the next big event to look forward to is.. (got this from Edwin who works for BAT)

KENT Rave on 24th April @ Bukit Tinggi (over an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur City centre and lies some 2,500 feet above sea level)

a 9hours set! by NuBreed, StereoMovers & Mara

Confirmed party till 6am!!

Sigh… too bad it’s for invites only…

Pictures from Johnson from Tiesto @ Zouk

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  1. hahaha the 2 drunk dudes part is fucking funny :Panyways…..i hope tiesto @ zouk suck big time!! hahah so i dun have to feel bad abt not being able to go πŸ˜›

  2. OMG the puking dude puke on ya hanD? it’s realy damn disgusteD! and xeS..since so many puking dudes puking behind u…weren’t u felt smelly? i wonder how they got home later…..haha

  3. muahahahaha~~ see lar!! told you never go edi one lar!! never listened!! haiih… BEH-LEE GOOT COO-KOO-LOOT!!

  4. haha, suisuimui told me to check here for review ;p man.. i would like to protest for it πŸ˜› i got there at 10, went in at 10:15.. ahha.. at 1st i was told that zouk does not give priority to open bottle.. so i was like wtf?!?!?! kinda sucky.. then those pure white promoter approached us and told us that we could get in at that rate.. even senghau who reached at 9:30 got in quite fast.. cover rm60.. open bottle rm100.. i would rather open.. but frankly.. i didnt drink a sip of my bottle!! hm, i find it awkward that your friend said it was boring.. probably he was standing by the corridor where you get to touch 8493028 of ppl and being touched by 80328903 of pppl πŸ˜› i was at the dance floor.. and frankly.. its was spacious than friday / saturday atmos dance floor.. so i kinda enjoyed.. the heineken thirst msia dj winner was doing a great job i believe.. me and senghau praised him.. but oh well.. he isnt the one we are waiting.. tiesto came into parteh at around 1.. thats where the chores begin.. everybody was spirit up high.. TRULY NO.1 … I HAD ANY GET TO LISTEN SUCH A MASTER PIECE IN ANY CLUB OF MSIA.. I WOULD PAY FOR ZOUK IF THEY COULD PROVIDE ME DJ TIESTO EVERY WEEK ;P HAHAHA.. (or every time i go.. which is say.. once a month ;pp poor leh me)around 1am.. it was quite spacious oredi la.. you guys left early.. i’ve not been to oversea clubs.. but yesterday event has been the best thus far.. 2 thumbs up! oh btw.. the sound system is very much better than atmos… the bass was concrete, load yet smooth, not irritating at all.. I LOVE TIESTO… I LOOK FORWARD TO PVD WHO CAME 2 YEARS AGO.. !! PVD PVD AND DJ TIESTO ARE THE MEN!!!!

  5. I heard Tiesto was awesome too.. hahaha.. sucker la u wei leong.. wait la… *haiks*Aiyo cannot get invites? Ask faith or edwin to get u in la.. got connection in BAT ma.. πŸ˜‰

  6. tiesto at the beginning not that good, but then later on the set got a lot better :)you should have tried getting in, there was some really awesome shuffling going on in there (not at the dance floor itself la, there damn packed)my friend and i were the first to get tickets that night, we were there by 7 something 8

  7. ehehe werz hoping the event sucked big-time .. ha ha .. oii i wan invites for da bkt tinggi rave oiiii!!!!

  8. meng&ben: ehhe apparentlly not!! wheimeng said it was good..maybe he waas tripping.thats why.. Sarah: eh lei lanci tou mong chor ah.. i said chick wei.not dude! YUMMIE: har BEH-LEE GOT COO KOO LOT? barely got chocolate?wheimeng: good review!! didnt know it was really that good..so which pill did u take eh? ekekSuiLin: ekek actually i’m not planning to go.. got 930 am class the next morning..unless..there is cause to the contrary πŸ˜€ sow: yeah yeah but didnt go there la, Laine; aiseh.. was planning to go early but class ends @ 7..and had family dinnereishin: keke u wan invites ah..okok see what i can do..hehe

  9. Hello everyone, Can say the music of Tiesto Playe,d it’s awesome, but then it’s too pack… but i still have place to move my body yeh, and saw lots of my old friends as well ~ … even the DJ is good .. but then i still wont go zouk on normal day , because i really dont like their service and management .. .. but i manage to get in, thanks to gf’s friend actually .. hehee save money for buy bucket enough, and lots of my friend snake in some whisky … =/ so can see it’s not so strict on that night.. so wait ahead for Bkt Tinggi !!!! anyone can get Tics? this event gonna organise by G2 again ~~ =P hehee cheers! Johnson here?JOhnson : i want the Video on Thirst .. hehhe

  10. I say…why all ur classes such weird times one??ei damn, that girl with the cap is the one we cornered in the toilets and asked her to dance πŸ˜€ christina right? damnnnnnnn

  11. i made it there at 11pm. yes, it was packed like hell but thanks to my friend for the early reservation! anyway 3 words – I LOVE TIESTO! it was great, boring at first but thanks to tiesto πŸ™‚ he’s the man! funny i could squeeze myself on the dance floor (even though my feet got stepped on quite a few times). if you want, pics are in my journal. tiesto tiesto tiesto… πŸ™‚

  12. senghau: eh i heard from my friend that their service is bad too! hmph..like that they might close down anytime soon heheLainie: yeah christina πŸ˜€ i love the way she dances πŸ˜€ mmm clp classes are like that..cater for part time stuents πŸ˜€ yen: great pictures yen! oh yea hwhich on is you eh? the one on the middle or right? πŸ˜€ wookookoo: u have invites for it?

  13. Joanne and Josie i know laChristina was just some random girl we stopped πŸ˜› Scary leh we all πŸ˜€ but damn she can dance, take a video of her and post it up man

  14. Hell if we see you dancing we might stop you too πŸ˜› Just don’t think it’s likely that we’ll meet in the ladies, that’s all!

  15. hahaha wheimeng is in a well la….he thinks tat pvd and tiesto are the only good dj’s…ignore him plz :Pini tempat Hard NRG…cheesy trance…tepi sikit πŸ˜›

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