100 Day Pull Up Challenge

Couple of months back, Crossfit gym, Pushmore started the 300 Day Burpee Challenge. In the said challenge, we had to do 1 burpee on the first day, 2 burpees on the second day and so on until the 300th day.

Just to illustrate how burpee works,

Try doing 10 non stop and tell me whether its good or not 😀

For every burpee I missed, I need to pay it back the next day. For example, if I miss 50 burpees on my 50th day, I need to do 101 (50 burpees + 51 burpees) burpees on the 51st day. There were couple of times where I came home drunk and wasn’t in a state to do any burpees. I regretted big time the next day.

After going through burpees for 80 over days, I decided to give up. It was too tiring. I had to stay up a little bit later to do burpees. However, the results were great. I lost some weight and I can even wear 31 inches pants. Before this, I was on 34 inches. Awesome!

The challenge is on its 153rd day and there are less than 10 people left in this challenge. I wish them all the best!

Now Pushmore has started another challenge namely the 100 Day Pull Up Challenge. Just like the 300 Day Burpee Challenge, we have to do 1 pull up on the 1st day, 2 pull ups on the 2nd day until the 100th day! This is so much easier!

My name is already on the Pushmore whiteboard!

If anyone wants to take up this challenge, please do! I even got a friend in Singapore to do it!

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  1. hey the 100 days pullup challenge is CBT(Chest to bar). don’t forget that! 5,500 pullups in 100 days. Are you game for it ?

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