The Prophecy has been fulfilled!

Najib Abdul Razak has been sworn as the new Prime Minister of Malaysia, taking over Abdullah Badawi today.

This has somehow fulfilled the RAHMAN Prophecy which states that the initials of the first six Prime Ministers of Malaysia shall spell out the name “RAHMAN”. The list is as follows:


R – Abdul Rahman
A – Abdul Razak
H – Hussein Onn
M – Mahathir Mohamad
A – Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
N -Najib

I first heard about the prophecy when opposition leader, Anwar, who was then still in the government, challenged the then Deputy Prime Minister Ghafar Baba for the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

However, it seems that the prophecy has been around since the 1970s.

Since the prophecy has been fulfilled, what’s next? Will it be the end of Barisan Nasional dominance? Or will there be another prophecy to fulfill?

If its a new prophecy, I was thinking, could it be MAHATHIR?

M – Muhyiddin Yassin
A – Ahmad Zahid Hamidi (Current Vice President of UMNO) / Anwar?
H – Hishammuddin
A – ?
T – ?
H – ?
I – ?
R – ?

Fill up the blanks!

2 thoughts on “The Prophecy has been fulfilled!”

  1. huh?
    but I guess that gonna continue like this
    R-A-H-M-A-N A-L H-A-J???

    A= Anwar?
    L= Lim Kit Siang?

    H= Hishamudin?
    A= Anwar again?
    J= KJ ?

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