11 pieces

Since last Monday, our local newspapers have been abuzz with the news of a body found in a fridge in a condominium. The body was found to be cut by a ‘semi-professional’.
I bet the news intrigued everyone, since the Allantuya case is still ongoing and is becoming a bit too boring to my liking. Yawns.
Everywhere you go, you’ll hear everyone talking about the “11 pieces in a fridge” story. Colleagues in my office are talking about it, discussing their theories as to motive, how, and the probability that the new owner who purchased the apartment will be moving in anytime soon. ;D
My friend who stays in the same condominium became so ‘hot’ the minute it was news.

“Eh, did that happen in your condo?”
“What floor are you at?”
“So, did you smell anything funny?”
“Go and take picture and blog about it!”
“You knew the couple or not?”
“Wah, be careful! The lift will be stopping on the 19th floor all the time!”
“So, have you checked out the 19th floor yet?”
“Do you think the owner will be selling the apartment? Tell him I want to buy it cheap from him lah!”
“Are the rest of the 19th floor residents still there?”

The above are some of the questions she received lately. It’s crazy!
I wonder if the rest of the residents are receiving the same treatment from their friends. ;D
I wonder how the neighbours on the 19th floor are feeling.
My friend even forwarded us a picture (which is nothing) for the fun of it.

“But I didn’t go kepoh lah…..” she said in her email.
So, do you think the wife did it? ;P
NST 30/7/07 Condo owner finds body parts in fridge
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4 thoughts on “11 pieces”

  1. wahhhh nice post!!! 11 pieces!!!
    who is gonna stay at the house?it is probably gonna be haunted and we have like this giant fridge that shakes itself in the night then randomly u see pieces of human limps crawling by itself on the floor.wahh 11 pieces makes itself sound like the next epic haunted movie.
    *chop chop chop chop*

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