Yo yo..negaraku….ku

This song make headline today…well not the frontpage la…on 2nd or 3rd page.

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Video with translation.

Raja Petra Kamarudin has branded this song as seditious. Recently, it has been reported that the government may take action against the singer.
Singer’s blog @ http://namewee.blogspot.com/
Video and translation of the lyrics http://thecicak.com/?p=275
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That fellow apologize cause scare \kena send to Simpang Renggang

But it’s in Chinese la

Then he get feature on Taiwan News Channel

Kao Lat liao…really Malaysia Boleh. eeeer…the news also in Chinese la. Anyone wanna do fansub for us ar?
So in order to save the fellow from going to jail. Some good Samaritan decided to produce a “U” version of the song for him.

Some in his defense produced this

[Edited by: xes – see http://www.xes.cx/MT/archives/2005/10/malaysia_a_copy.html]
others in “retaliation” produced this

kinda boring, though. I didn’t finish watching it.

11 thoughts on “Yo yo..negaraku….ku”

  1. I’ve watched the video…
    I guess it is seditious in nature, but isn’t he rapping bout the truth?
    Meaning to say that the truth is seditious?

  2. LOL!!!
    The one and only time Malaysia has a ‘world class international artiste’ and the government is now out to get him. LOL!!!

  3. so both lawyer here 😛 since you two are lawyer… so what is your opinion bout this ? i mean so far he will be safe or not ? 😛

  4. aiyo
    taking the truth & you will be charged.
    Why not go behind the problem and solve the real issue, the frustration of the majority of the Chinese in Malaysia.

  5. Is this how we want the world to see how malaysians are?
    Do we want our friends in England, USA, South Africa, Indonesia, Taiwan, Japan to see we bickering among ourselves?
    Dont you think all this hateful comments will bite us.. US … us malaysians.. MALAYSIANS in the end?
    Imagine u r a guy who just happens to come across this page in youtube, and see all these hate comments.. what will that do to our image as a peaceful multiracial country?? u tell me.
    We want them to see us as a modern educated wellmannered malaysians, and yet we’re behaving like crazy immature emotional primates.
    Bitching and fighting among ourselves wont get us nowhere. BOTH GHANA and MALAYSIA gained independence in around August 1957, and look how far Malaysia has move forward. How Modern are we compared to Ghana.. u tell me.
    Be proud for once. FOR once, take a look at our country and be thankful. FOR once, Wave ur flag and thank your fellow countrymen right and left, regardless of colour. For once. for once.
    Happy 50th birthday malaysia! i love u with all my heart.. from a malaysian that really do care…

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