16 Watson Road’s road trip to Lake District 2003

I finally organised my Lake District Trip 2003 photos. Click here for the album 😀 Photos were taken from Frederick, Wen Dee and my camera

Unfortunately, there’s only photos of Day 1. Give me some time to sort out the entire album!

3 thoughts on “16 Watson Road’s road trip to Lake District 2003”

  1. and here i thought it was going to take me an hour to go thru it all…*hehe*okie okie, i’m asking too much but am just…bored. have things to do but just plain lazy…and bored. *tee hee*

  2. Hi there! I’m a stranger here but could not resist browsing thru your cogent entries. I have never been to Lake District but have always been meaning to do so, it’s yet to come. I just wanted to say if you’re going to travel via the motorway –> Never leave home without the UK Motorway Map! 🙂

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