What climbing does to you …

Hole in my socks..

In order to climb efficiently, we are required to wear designated tight shoes (usually 1 size smaller). It gives us a better grip on the wall.

However, most of the GYM?s shoes were pretty worn out. Mine had a hole on my toes section.

The hole on my sock was caused by friction with the wall. I think my toe accidentally popped out when I was climbing..

10 thoughts on “What climbing does to you …”

  1. lgh: oooh a climber from UK eh? well, for hygienic purposes..i wear socks 😀 dont want my feet to smell or be infested with any fungus. i suffered from a foot infection couple of years ago, it wasnt pleasant at all.. 😀

  2. I’m very very sorry about your foot infection. then you better get a better pair of socks loh. I don’t wear socks because I like to fell the features and rocks . My shoe is extremely sensitive and thin. yeah it smell but i put it outside the house after climbing. Footwork is very important, so don’t always peel your skin frm your finger , ok ? he he he

  3. lgh: thanks for the advise 😀 ivan: mmm smells good no? kekekGavin & fer: damn typo and gramatical mistakes!!

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