thomas cup!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am now officially a committee member of the University Of Sheffield Muay Thai Club! Although I got myself a crappy position (Training Officer) nevertheless the burden is still like others. The new committee has only 4 people including me. Scotty as President (I remember accidentally kicked him till he bleed while sparring, ops hopefully he doesn’t remember that) and another 2 British guys which I forgot their names. Our gym will be shifted to a new spot next year. But apparently, the new gym is at the new controversial sport centre where they charge a preposterous fee at us fellow students! Students have to pay a yearly membership for the sport centre and then ridiculously pay another membership fee to the clubs they wished to join! However. despite all the shitty thing we’re having, the new gym is much bigger and furthermore, we decided to have 2 classes a week. Moreover, the rent is much cheaper than before (we had to pay 30 quid an hour for our previous gym, the new gym cost only about 10 pounds an hour). Anyway, since we have a tight budget I suggested that we get our new equipments from Malaysia, I might have to ship it over to Sheffield when I’m back at Malaysia. Anyone knows how much are pads, shin pads and other cheap kickboxing equipment in Malaysia?
10:22PMMalaysia in the Thomas Cup finals! For once i’m proud to be a Malaysian! haha

May the force be with you!

Starwars releases today! Never thought that I will be watching it as soon as it’s released. The graphics, Natalie Portman and the actions were brilliant! However, as all critics commented, their dialog sucks. There’s no phrase worth memorizing (for example, Darth Vader’s “You are not my son” and “May the force be with you” – this was mentioned in the movie only once). Although I was dazzled with Natalie Portman, Jedi swordfights is not to be missed. And for the first time, Yoda’s kick ass skills are shown!,10950,236030,00.html
11:50PMA long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


Starwars: Attack of the Clones will be out in an hour!
The British hates Argentina’s football team. They have been consistently causing misfortunes to England’s football team for example Maradona’s hand of god. But it seems that every time the Argentine defeats the Brits, they Brits consults themselves with “hmrp, at least we beat them in the Falkland war!” Not surprisingly, they’ll say the same thing when the German’s football team defeated them.
11:00PMnaah, all i did was just 4 hours. *aiii*
9:38PM*yawn* must study 7 hours in the library later!

Exams & Frank’s Birthday

I had a 4 hours group discussion with Janet, Cynthia and Michelle. We were so tired of discussing that our brain couldn’t think properly by the end of the night. Here’s a snip of part of our discussion as law students. *some sentences are translated into English*
Cynthia: hey, how do u apply this case?
me: are fucking blind? read the fucking case!
Cynthia: fuck u! You’re the fucking blind one here, read the fucking case properly.
Janet: eh when the fuck are we suppose to apply this principle?
Cynthia: dumb arse, its all in the text book. Lemme take a look.
Janet: read faster you ass!
Oh not that’s not exactly what we said, but its in that style. Now you know how your law cases are handled 😀
Exams in 2 weeks time *aaiiiii* stress!
We celebrated Frank’s birthday dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It was great although we failed to crush his face with his birthday cake (however, he was subsequently bombarded with eggs, flours and rice cookers after the dinner). 28 of us attended the function and we were given 7 types of dishes which includes chicken, roast duck, fish cakes, sweet and sour pork, vegi and squid. I had 6 bowls of rice *burp*

interview with an expertise in butt fucking.

oh it’s Frank’s bday too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRANK_OMATIC AKA FRANK ROMANTIC! hehehehe
5:36PMAn interview with highly skilled butt fucker
*name has been withheld to protect the dignity of the person*
<|xxxxxx|> tt’s why u finger assholes, not fuck them 
<|i-XeS-i|> euwww
<|xxxxxx|> becos it will not feel the same ;P 
<|xxxxxx|> u shove ur finger in it, and twist it around abit .. and play with the musshy stuffs inside
<|i-XeS-i|> pfftt
<|xxxxxx|> depending on your daily diet, entry can be easy or can be hard
<|xxxxxx|> a jar of vaseline beside is essential ;P 
<|i-XeS-i|> then how many days will the smell stay on ur fingers?
<|xxxxxx|> that depends on your daily diet too 
<|i-XeS-i|> pls elaborate on daily diet
<|xxxxxx|> daily diet depending on your taste buds 
<|xxxxxx|> beans and rich protein food makes the smell on your finger stays longer
<|i-XeS-i|> what makes the hole easily accessible?
<|i-XeS-i|> on what diet ?
<|i-XeS-i|> fish, chicken and loads of vegis?
<|xxxxxx|> prolonging that pleasure of having it shoving in ur butt
<|xxxxxx|> no, a cup a teh tarik, mix with a baby’s puke and a can of worms will make the hole easily accessable
<|xxxxxx|> having a password might help a lot to 
<|i-XeS-i|> any tools needed?
<|xxxxxx|> or, if u have the expertise, replace your finger with your tongue, is highly recomended
<|xxxxxx|> as the feeling of your movin tongue inside the ass if enormous 
<|i-XeS-i|> is there a risk of cholera?
<|xxxxxx|> u wil find a butt plug and a jar of vaseline is all u need
<|xxxxxx|> depending on how often do u lick an asshole. the bacteria that cause cholera will be immune by your body’s white blood cells
<|xxxxxx|> ehehhehee
<|i-XeS-i|> so have u tasted the substance omitted from it?
<|xxxxxx|> not yet, as the person that i always give the service is way too high and he prefer my dick in the ass rather than my small finger
<|i-XeS-i|> will the dick be tainted with substance then?
<|xxxxxx|> no, the dick will push the substance further in the the intestines for more digestion processes
<|i-XeS-i|> mmm good explanation.
<|xxxxxx|> hehehe
<|xxxxxx|> i rather fuck pussy, its not so tight, hence, no pain on my dick

Last day of muuay thai!

It’s our last day of Muay Thai class today. *sob* And furthermore the gym is moving to our Uni’s new sport centre *wee* The current gym is located @ this dilapidated building but the condition of the gym is real good.
I had to partner a girl today due to the fact we have uneven number of people. Fortunately, she not that soft, she even encouraged me to kick harder. hehe. sadomasochism! We had this new guy who apparently studied some Japanese martial arts, his kicks and splits were bloody amazing. I sparred with him, my god, his kicks were pretty quick, he could construct few moves just in one kick, but it was fun sparring with him. Since it is the last time we’re gonna practice in that gym, I took a picture of it. I had that Jap martial art fellow do a split kick for me while I take the picture! Oh boy, I’m gonna miss Muay thai!
Our Student Union is having an election for the upcoming committee. The presidential candidates are kinda bizarre. We have a candidate from the Socialist Society seeking the legalization of cannabis. And there are another 2 lousy bloody ignorant candidates. During the hustling, there was a question about what would they do to reduce the student fees. They answered, “it’s unrealistic to do so, a mere 1000 pounds is reasonable!” Like hello?? What about international student fees? We pay 7000+ pounds a year! However, the most reasonable or I would say the potential president would be Ed Smith, he seems moderated unlike those extremists, but however, I find him a bootlicker. He’s been trying to get societies to vote for him! He stays in my hall and my friends and I see him around all the time and never spoke to us once. He started talking to us when he found out that my friends are the committee members of MASSOC.
I’m going to my Muay Thai classes again later, mmmm, more bruises and aches coming soon.