Entry 000

I am currently busy with my assignments but i will try to write as often as i can. I made a photo album in Yahoo recently. Feel free to go there and check it out. Since i do not have a digi cam, most of the photos are from my friends. The birthday photos are from Philip Chin’s collection, Amsterdam’s are from Wen dee’s and, 2 of the photos date back in 2001 are complimentary of www.xes.cx. I hoping to get a digi cam soon. I have found the right one, i am just waiting for the right time to go and get it. Maybe after my exam.
02:52AM “Power is neither male nor female”

Everybody here is sleeping tight…

Like Wee Kiat, I was also happily typing a post yesterday when my IE decided to close on me. BAHHH! So I shall cut short the drama of my sister and I fighting yesterday – she pissed me off I slapped her she whacked my head so I whalloped her an hour later many tears and hugs all is good now. 😛

Moving on, if you guys remember about Vivien, our resident ghost in Watson 16 – well, she has made an appearance! *insert appropriate Twilight Zone tune again* It was another typical night in the house, the guys were at the PS2 and Frank was doing some tarot card reading in the livingroom. Then someone in the room (whose name I don’t wanna reveal) suddenly became very pale, very cold and she started to cry… I noticed, so I pulled her out of the room and asked what the hell was wrong? Then she told me that she saw a figure of a young child of about 8-9 years old with shoulder-length dark hair and a fringe, wearing a flower-printed dress to her knees and socks but she couldn’t see if there were feet. The figure was standing by the entrance to the livingroom and started off rather blur but slowly got clearer bit by bit. She had no face.

(I was silently screaming inside when she was telling me all this)

We went back to the livingroom but she couldn’t see the figure anymore. She didn’t know about our Vivien story either, so she couldn’t have been making it up to entertain us. Something playing with her eyes or was there really an apparition in the livingroom that night?

OK, enough about such scary shit… Leong-la! Told me to post about this, typing about it now is only making myself scared. need to get my mind off it need to get my mind off it need to get my mind off it

Ahh yesss, Fred bought durians for us today. WHat is this I hear?? DuriaNs?? IN UK?!? 13 POUNDS EACH!?!??!?! Ok, so I thought it was kinda cool, to be eating the all-heaty durians in a cold country like UK. Apparently the durians were from somewhere in UK. I didn’t know they had any durian plantations, or a tree even, all the way here. Here’s a photo taken today with (from L-R) Alex, Fred, Mindy, Chuo Ming and the fruit. It almost looks like home!!

And to all who know Wei Chen, his 22nd birthday is this coming Monday!!! He claims that no one knows, that he will be celebrating it alone, blah blah blahhh… I bet he would be too busy on that day to even bother chatting with me, so suCk it in boy 😉 you are gonna have a great time.

Before I forget, to all who know my sister – guess what!!! She got herself her first boyfriend!!! WOO HOO!!! I can’t tell who it is yet, but I am really itching to…. ah well, I will get my way soon enough. Wish you two the very, very best. 😀 *HUGS*


wham! boom! bam!

My 6 days in the hospital were utterly boring but on some days, my fellow wardmates (consisting of ladies born no later than 1912) made my days there extremely ACTION PACKED, you guys would not believe it!

The second night I was there, all numb with painkillers and sorts, I overheard a rather heated but short conversation between Nurse Bernie and Patient Grace –

Bernie: Grace darling, why do you want to be called Grace? Your records here say your name is Georgia.
Grace: I like to be called Grace.
Bernie: But wh-
Grace: Shut up!
Bernie: But-
Grace: Don’t query me, nursie…. I warn you…

ooooo sent chills down my spine, having a 90+ year old lady going all violent like that.

I always thought that all old, wrinkly ladies were adorable little things with sweet things to say about the weather or something, but geeezzz… beneath that soft, whispery voice is one who is cursing them ancient foul words at the nurses or bitching viciously about the little old lady farting two beds away. Just listen carefully next time. 😀

Then there was this old lady who was senile and always woke up in the middle of the night, all disorientated. She would walk around the ward, looking for her bed and conveniently climb into a random bed, scaring the shit out of the sleeping person. But it got helluva scary one night when she wandered into the bathroom and emerged totally naked – sagging, wrinkly skin and all – then proceeding to ‘find’ her bed. Damnit, I was so scared, I was shaking like hell but there iS a GOD coz a random nurse glanced in and saw our buttnaked vagabond. I swear I would have died if she climbed into my bed. Old ladies in the nude make damn scary silhouettes and just imagine one staggering around your room and she could be joining YOU on YOUR bed tonite!!! wAHhahAHahhaHhhaaaa!!


wendee’s accident

Ok, This is my own account on what happened to Wen Dee on 6 May 2003.

I was about 7PM and I just chopped onions and carrots for my soup noodles. Alex came to the kitchen and told Kf, Chee Feng and I that Wen Dee was knocked down by a car. The next thing was, Frederick rushing down from the stairs and he got out from the house with Alex. Initially I didn�t want to go and called Wen Dee to ask her whether if she was alright. However, Allen picked it up. He said that she�s unconscious and the paramedics are treating her now. Apparently, she and her sister were on the way to Aunt Sally�s for dinner. Wen Dee was trying to cross the road with her sister and suddenly a speeding car came. She tried to jump away from the car but the car hit her on her side and eventually fell onto the car and rolled on the road. Wen Kim screamed and screamed for help. Passer byes immediately tried to calm Wen Kim down and some of them tried to keep Wen Dee awake by talking to her.

Chee Feng and I ran to the location. Once we got there, we could see cars slowing down and an ambulance. Wen Dee was lying on the ground and the paramedics were attending her. Her eyes were closed and her body was covered with a white cloth. I could see a small pool of blood underneath her head. We were all shocked. We didn�t say a word. At first instance, the first thing on my mind was, �Oh my god�. I thought she was going to die but after I saw her breathing I knew she�s going to make it. Wen Kim was crying and hugging Alex. I got up to her and told her that she�ll be alright. Frederick was crying too. He wiped his tears with hand. Alex told me that he was so stressed that he lost his way to Aunt Sally�s. He couldn�t control his emotion.

Few minutes later, the paramedics carried Wen Dee onto a stretcher and brought her into the ambulance.

The ambulance went slowly with no sirens or alarms. Frederick, still shaken, followed the ambulance. We thought they were going to sent her to Hallamshire hospital, which is just opposite the road. However, the ambulance brought her to another hospital. It took a while for us to reach the hospital.

I got out from the car once we arrived, and spoke to the paramedics. He said she would be fine. Wen Kim and Allen got out from the ambulance. Wen Kim immediately broke down and cried.

To add injury to wound, it was less than 24 hours since Wen Kim arrived in England. She was badly shaken. While she was in the hospital, one of the nurses asked her, �Who are you? Where do you live?� She answered, �I�m her sister, and I just arrived this morning�.

We got to the reception and waited. We waited more than 5 hours in the reception and no signs of Wen Dee. She was waiting for treatment for a long time and we couldn�t see her. Frederick cried for more than an hour while Wen Kim broke down many times. Soon, loads of people came to see Wen Dee. But we had to wait for hours to see her because she was waiting for treatment.

UK claimed that they have the best medical service and police service in the world. That�s bollocks I tell you. Firstly, after the incident happened, the police said that they are not going to charge the woman driver who knocked down Wen Dee because she did not run away from the accident. Secondly, it took few hours for Wen Dee to get treatment and the nurse said that there isn�t any doctors on duty and they cant call doctors who are off duty. Allen had to talk to the superior officer to lodge the police report. He had to describe everything to the woman sergeant. Initially, she said the case wasn�t serious enough. Allen then said, �So you�re telling me if someone knocks down a person and the person dies, so long he doesn�t run away there�s no offence?� The policewoman did not say anything. Allen then described the accident in detail and finally she apologized because they didn�t know how serious the case was.

As for the National health services, it is equivalent to Malaysian standard. Since we were there for 5 hours, we witnessed loads of things. There was once a woman walked in with her head bleeding from the back of her head. She was not attended immediately instead she wandered around till the blood dried up. The worst was when an Asian man carrying a girl who drank a bottle of poison or something came into the hospital. The girl kept on screaming, � I want to die�. She wasn�t attended immediately either. The nurse on the registration counter refused to do anything until they got her details right. However, after they got her details right, there weren�t any nurses or doctors attending her. Her motionless body lay on the wheelchair for an hour.

We finally got to see Wen Dee after she got her x-ray. She got loads of bruises on her face but yet she could still talk to us.

Frank’s birthday dinner

It has been a tradition to sabotage Frank on his birthday. We smashed Frank?s face onto his birthday cake during our first year in Uni. Last year, a group of people ambushed Frank at his hall with eggs and flour for 2 consecutive days. He took a bath after being ambushed, but he was immediately attacked once he got out from the bathroom. And this year, we had a plan; CM. HC and Fred will bring Frank for dinner, while Chee Feng and I will prepare eggs and flour mixed with water. Then the scenario would be, Frank waiting outside the front door for someone to open the door, and then Chee Feng will then pour the flour mixture at him while I attack him from above with eggs.

Unfortunately, it didn?t work out as we planned. Frank didn?t wait outside at the main door but instead he got into the house. However, he got out after being tricked into going to a strip club. Once he got out from the house, we attacked him with eggs and flour mixture at him but it was for a short period. He got angry and swore at us and complained that we dirtied his best jacket. We stopped immediately and Fred had to send Frank home.

And today, 23 people turned up for Frank?s birthday dinner at Oriental buffer today. All you can eat for 7.65pounds. Frank was so happy 😀

It’s been a while since I checked my guestbook, shoutouts to:
Irene of http://www.geocities.com/nitemare_weaver69/
Sui Lin of http://www.geocities.com/horsuilin/

home glorious home!!!

I’M HOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Millions and millions and millions of thank you’s to all who wished me well, visited me, sent me gifts, cared for me and also had me in their thoughts and prayers all this week! All is fine besides having the world map sketched across my face!! 😀 Not toooo bugged by that, just relieved at how things turned out. May update all you guys on what happened, if Leong doesn’t do it first.

Mannn… I am one happy girl… 🙂 Take care everyone.


Mummy’s day!

According to Frederick, Wen Dee is feeling better. She could eat snacks, make jokes and insult people. He visits her every morning 😀

Happy Mother’s day! I called mum to wish her happy mother’s day. She got the Amsterdam calendars I sent last week but she gave hers to my sister. She said she doesn’t need one.

Mum was telling me about a landlord who is forcing her to move from her newly acquired house. The contract was signed for 3 years but the landlord asked her to move after 8 months. I told her that once an agreement has been signed, there is no way he could cancel the contract unless he wanted to breach the contract and pay compensation. However, mum doesn’t want to move from the new house cause she already invested loads of money on it. Furthermore, if the landlord decides to play dirty tricks, for example acquire service of some rascals, I told her to call my brother in law or my maid’s son, Adnan, who is well known for his notoriety. 😀

get well soon wendee

What happen to Wen Dee? I wish i could tell you guys 😀 But when i was in the hospital visiting Wen Dee, she specifically said, “Dont put this on the website!”

Well, some get well soon wishes to Wen Dee… Anybody wants to contribute?

if u see wen dee tell her i wish her to get well soon! ok?
all the juniours especially the guys miss her a bunch!

i wish n pray that she’ll be fine 🙂

Btw, A request from Jin Han. Here’s a video of an impersonation of Clark of King Of Fighters by my mates in Brisbane, Australia.