Entry 000

I am currently busy with my assignments but i will try to write as often as i can. I made a photo album in Yahoo recently. Feel free to go there and check it out. Since i do not have a digi cam, most of the photos are from my friends. The birthday photos are from Philip Chin’s collection, Amsterdam’s are from Wen dee’s and, 2 of the photos date back in 2001 are complimentary of www.xes.cx. I hoping to get a digi cam soon. I have found the right one, i am just waiting for the right time to go and get it. Maybe after my exam.
02:52AM “Power is neither male nor female”

3 thoughts on “Entry 000”

  1. Killuminati: We didn’t take any pic of the mushrooms. Xes has some. Xes do you mind showing posting your mushroom pic here?Xes: I cannot answer that question. I will consult my lawyer first. Whatever happen, the best interest is that we settle this privately. =)

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