get well soon wendee

What happen to Wen Dee? I wish i could tell you guys 😀 But when i was in the hospital visiting Wen Dee, she specifically said, “Dont put this on the website!”

Well, some get well soon wishes to Wen Dee… Anybody wants to contribute?

if u see wen dee tell her i wish her to get well soon! ok?
all the juniours especially the guys miss her a bunch!

i wish n pray that she’ll be fine 🙂

Btw, A request from Jin Han. Here’s a video of an impersonation of Clark of King Of Fighters by my mates in Brisbane, Australia.

4 thoughts on “get well soon wendee”

  1. hey Wendee! hope you are getting well as i write this. Get well SOON! I want to see u blog! 🙁

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