Jungle of United Garden

Sometimes I wonder who visits my website other than the regulars who post messages here. helllooooooooooooooo…anyone care to intro? ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyway, here are 2 pictures of a place. Take a good look at it. Where do you think this place is?

Ok, it’s actually my neighbour’s backyard. Those mother fuckers havent been cleaning their backyard ever since they moved in.

Dad asked me to take photos of the garden so that he could complain it to DBKL (Kuala Lumpur local council). Last week, my tenant was down with suspected dengue and was admitted to hospital (trees tend to breed loads of mosquitoes). He’s alright now but he’s the 2nd person who was down with dengue within this past 12 months. Couple of months ago, my China student almost died of dengue fever.

22 thoughts on “Jungle of United Garden”

  1. I was about to say that it’s some hutan belukar somewhere in KL but I scrolled down too soon to realize that it was your neighbour’s front/backyard. *LOL* Is this the one who got rid of your Mom’s plants?

  2. hahahahha, not that neighbour, this one different neighour…man..having loads of conflict wif m neighbours keke

  3. waaaaaaaaaahh~~~ when i first saw it and haven’t read the post, i thought you were at some jungle place…. this is incredible… phew….

  4. first instinct: it was part of a fruit orchard. seen lotsof them. at least there’s a banana tree and a coconut tree, i supposed! ๐Ÿ˜› btw, been reading ur blog for quite some time, first time posting a msg though. call me the iR-regular! :รพ

  5. luLu doesnt mind to intro ๐Ÿ˜› luLu has another name called dumDum. errr~ what else? as the name says it, luLu knows nothing about web hosting, but is somehow interested in rambling around looking at peoples journals, enjoy crapPing too, say luLu is nosy :รพ luLus apologies, have this tendency to leave out all the apostrophe Ss and capital letters where there should be. heHe, neway, shouldnt turn ur page into luLus. oh yeah, luLu posted this msg because this pic makes luLu feels homey ๐Ÿ˜› thanks heaps!! also… thanks for extending ur welcome hands!!

  6. heck!luLus apologies again for… errr… duplicate messages?!it wasnt intentional :รพnoNo, seriously, luLus apologies.

  7. loL~ if you could search msn by nicK, you’ll get me by entering dumdum…loL~neway, icq: 31833282… there, a wicked name too :รพ

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