Atmospherique La Maison @ Mines Square, Malaysia

TwelveSI celebrates its 3rd birthday in the manner of 18th Century France, with 8000 revellers expected to party evening into night in an ambience of fashion and drama. Atmospherique La Maison offers up present and former residents, DJ Love, Willy, Gregoire, Donovan, Bobby B, Hum, Jose, Romel and Joey G on a musical platter, with European acts Cosmic Gate (wooooooo!!) and Romain winging their way in to make special appearances. RM120, presale RM90, inc. four drinks.

Unfortunately, this event has been postponed due to the passing of our PM’s late wife.
Next date: Unknown.

It’s been a while since we had an outdoor event. 🙁

John Digweed @ Zouk, Kuala Lumpur

John Digweed’s spinning on 11th of November in Zouk KL. Do check it out.
Superstar DJ John Digweed, who has brought you hits like “for What You Dream Of” and “Heaven Scent” is here in Kuala Lumpur to spin you his brand of signature tunes. Watch out for this DJ, who is currently number eight on the World DJ List. [ Source: ]
RM50 (guys, after 11pm, inclusive of 1 drink), RM45 (ladies, after 11pm, inclusive of 1 drink), RM40 (before 11pm, inclusive of 1 drink)

113 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
Tel : 03-2171 1997
Train: Bukit Nanas (Monorail)/Dang Wangi (Putra)

Further, in Singapore.


wah, this chick si beh hot ah.

10 Dec 05 Siloso Beach, Sentosa – Singapore’s definitive and celebrated annual dance music festival ZoukOut continues its tradition of bringing Zouk’s spirit and energy to the great outdoors and an even wider audience. Five years have passed since the local dance music scene experienced its very first mega music festival; and with growing support from locals and visitors by the year, ZoukOut returns once again – reigning as the region’s most spectacular and talked about party in South East Asia!

ZoukOut will be staged at the newly upgraded Siloso Beach on Sentosa; where it was first held in 2000. For 12 hours from dusk till dawn (8pm – 8am); ZoukOut will transform the sandy landscape into a magical clubland with four stages featuring a broad spectrum of genres including house, tribal, progressive, techno, trance, electro, indie, hip hop and of course the very popular Mambo Jambo.

This year’s blockbuster line up features some of the biggest artists in the ever-growing field of electronic dance music today, including World Number #3 DJ Armin Van Buuren; Way Out West’s Nick Warren; Techno Wizard Sven Väth; Tribal house heroes Chus & Ceballos; House legend Lil’ Louie Vega of Masters At Work; Chart topping hit-maker Martin Solveig; Peter Kruder of Kruder and Dorfmeister fame, Stephane Pompougnac of the best-selling Hotel Costes CD series and pioneer of Hip Hop turntablism Cash Money. And in line with the healthy resurgence of alternative live music, ZoukOut hosts a live stage featuring local favourites like chart-topping Electrico & scene veterans Concave Scream, both with brand new material from their upcoming new albums; riot-rockin Ronin; the clown- rock jamboree that is Tiramisu; and new outfit, Slowjaxx Does Dallas made up of members from Stoned Revivals, Force Vomit and Moods.

Design collective Lichtfront VJ’s from Cologne Germany, will be responsible for the synchronized live visuals, their singular pursuit being the interpretation of sounds directly through images, reacting to the rhythms and feel of the music.

In addition to the stellar lineup of A-list foreign and local acts, there will be non-stop entertainment with free carnival rides, interactive action games, quirky palm & card readings, live art demonstrations, all amidst a plethora of ‘out of this world’ dancers & performers.

There will also be the return of ZoukOut’s partnership with the global festival of innovative moving image, RESFEST, for an exclusive screening of 90-minutes of the freshest cuts from this year’s stellar selection of features, short-films, motion graphics, animation and music videos from around the world as well as previously unscreened material.
And when it all seems too hectic, rejuvenating massages, make up and other goodies will be available to keep clubbers looking pristine at the coastline.
Cultural and language barriers aside, ZoukOut is THE dance festival that truly brings clubbers from all of Asia together under the common denominator of a feel-good, exuberant experience. It is this dynamism that has made ZoukOut the ‘MUST GO’ dance festival for tens of thousands of music fans from all over the region.
More info @
Overseas ticketing info @

But I’m not going for any of these events. weeee

Zoukout anyone???

QR Code

This is a familiar sight in Japan.

You can see them in..


on the package of cooked ham

tissue paper

even websites!

This is called QR Code, which is a two dimensional Bar Code.

You can store data with this QR Code. In Japan, URLs are commonly stored in the bar code. Japanese handphones are equipped to read QR Code.



Back from Kyoto!

Kyoto was fabulous. Firstly, Jane and I must thank fishfish for her excellent hospitality and letting her stay at her place. Furthermore, every morning, she would prepare breakfast for us and even wash the dishes for us! A great maid, er I mean a great hostess!

Further, we thank her for sparing her time to bring us around Uji, Kyoto and Osaka. And also introducing great food to us! *drools over green tea soba & takoyaki*
We took many, many pictures during our 4 days trip (about 300 over pictures!). However, fishfish has forbid me to post her picture on my website. To those who has never read fishfish’s blog, for you information, fishfish does not post pictures of herself on the website.

BUT!!!! presents you an exclusive picture of fishfish! Click below!


Sorry, I have strict instructions not to post her picture.

Thank you again fishfish!

Random Habits

A girl brought up this topic sometimes ago. She asked whether or not the guys wiped their penis after they took a pee. My friend, Mr. NC’s answer was “Nah, don’t bother. I just wipe it on my underwear.” The other friend said “eeer, my mum never told me to do so.” Dumbass, what an answer. As for me, hmmm…it never crossed my mind.
A while ago, my cousin asked me did i face the wall when i shower or the other day. *scratch head*…i thought about it in the shower just now. When i am tired, i put my head on the wall thus facing it. When i am not, it depends….
P.S. God, please give Man Utd strength to thrash Chelsea Tonight. 1-0 is enough. Please…..

Akihabara, Tokyo

Akihabara, the electric city of Tokyo, is a place that guys must visit when visiting Tokyo. They sell all sorts of electronic goods, toys and porn. We went to a shop with 6 floors filled with Gundam products, BB guns, Tamiya products and so on.

The pink Gundam is a gay Gundam.

BB Guns..damn I wish I could bring it back to Malaysia

There’s shop called Treasure House which sells toys such as Ultraman, sexy toy models and small Gundams. Inside the shop, they have small transparent cubes filled with toys, toy models and even miniature pictures of bikini clad models. We have to fill up a form to get the toys that we wanted. It’s a good place to get souvenirs as they have toys that cost less than 200 yen.



Few shops away from Treasure House lay a pornographic store. It’s sick. They have a section for those with fetish for little girls as young as 12 years old!

sick..very sick.

Funny Uncles

Wednesday, 02-11-2005; i played snooker with my friend in One Snooker Centre. A bunch of uncles (Middle age man ranging from 40 -50 years old) were playing Lucky (A kind of game, don’t quite know how to explain it…bah =P). They were cracking a lot of funny one liners among themselves. Here are some of the funniest one that i can remember…
On People who Cheat
Uncle A: B, you are cheater.
Uncle B: No, i am not.
Uncle A: B, with friend like you. I am not surprise that some man don’t have balls.
On Younger Girlfriend
Uncle A: B, why you talk to your girlfriend like she is 14.
Uncle B: Ya, she is 14. You want to see her sms?
On Friend who don’t hang out with them often
Uncle A: B, let’s don’t hang out with C anymore.
Uncle C: Why?
Uncle A: Because he wai hai sei (Canto slang for man who dump their buddy for girls)
Uncle B: huh? how?
Uncle A: C always goes out with his wife.
On sexy girls
Uncle A: eh, B! C! Comon, play la. Stop looking at the TV
Uncle B and C: Fuck you la, Shakira is so sexy. We don’t wanna play anymore.

The fake xes

Dear readers, wishes to express our gratitude towards those who made Mr. xxess realise his mistakes especially those who have commented on our website and his website. (See for background info)

Mr. xxess of (now removed) has sent us an email apologizing for his conduct.

To spice up the drama, here’s the email he sent to Frank and I.

dear mR.XeS aND Mr.Wong

im the guy who copied most of your site all way long… i set up all of my apologise to you and your members..especially mR.Frank… congratulations!!…finally you and your frens found me..i know copying without permission of the owner is a true infringement…but thers sumthing that pulls me in-to doing dis…

1- the ideas is too “bernas (creative)” , open minded and “up to date”
2- practising in dealing with htmlzz
3- idont really have muc time to come out wit my own original stuff ..finishing too much st**** “outstanding assignments” is a struggle.
4- sharing your stuffs wit my frens..sharing is caring..rite?
5- to expand xes’s empire…

yela..sape tak bengang (anyone would be pissed)…whose not piss’d when u get other people having the respect of wat youre doing? isaid..sorry is all i can say…

Though he has apologized, Frank and I wish to issue a reply to his email especially on the reasons he made for copying our website.

1. the ideas is too “bernas (creative)” , open minded and “up to date”
Thank you but that doesn’t justify the reason for ripping our posts and made them as your own.

2. practising in dealing with htmlzz
Copying our design and html codes is fine. But using images that xes has created is totally outrages.

3. idont really have muc time to come out wit my own original stuff ..finishing too much st**** “outstanding assignments” is a struggle.
Both Frank and xes are practising lawyers and yet we still have time to think of something to post everyday. Do you think finishing assignments take more time than us dealing with our cases everyday?

4. sharing your stuffs wit my frens..sharing is caring..rite?
The proper way to share our stuff is to post our link on your website or credit our work on your website which in fact, is something you didn’t do.

5. to expand xes’s empire…
This is bullshit. How can you expand xes’s empire when you don’t even credit for the stuff that you have ripped?

We find that all your reasons are invalid. But we find no point pursuing this matter anymore. wishes to express a big thank you to all our readers and a big fuck you to xxess.

xes & frank


In the Spirit of Hari Raya, We forgive xxess’s doing. However, it will be splendid if xxess can write us an apologie message to us. Selamat Hari Raya Aldifitri to xxess. =)


Last week, I visited Yokohama, a bustling port city in Japan.

It’s only 20 minutes from my place

Yokohama’s main attractions lie far away from the Yokohama train station hence I had to take the Minatomirai subway to Chugakagai Iriguchi station. First stop, China Town!

Yokohama’s Chinatown is huge. The entire place is filled with restaurants and groceries stores. I notice that many restaurants were selling roasted water chestnuts and dumplings outside their premise. Damn, I hate roasted chestnuts.

Unlike other Chinatowns that I’ve been to, the shops in Yokohama Chinatown were renovated or built with Chinese designs. There were also more than 5 arches! Further, this Chinatown spans more than 2 streets and has numbers of alleys filled with shops. You’ll never leave the place hungry.

Hong Kong Road

Taiwan Road???

Few blocks away from Chinatown is the Yamashita Park. It’s a small park next to the sea. Great place to relax after a long walk around China town.

Next stop, Foreigner’s Cemetery at Yamate. It’s located on top of a hill hence I had to hike up to the Cemetery. But while hiking up, I could peep into the walls of the cemetery to see the old tombstones of foreigners who lived in Japan. Some of them date back in 1900s.

Unfortunately, the cemetery is not accessible to the public. But there’s a small place for us to take pictures of the tombstones together with the skyscrapers of Yokohama.


The word ‘Yamate’ has been widely associated to Japanese pornographic movies especially gokan (rape) videos. Many believe that the word ‘Yamate’ means stop in Japanese.

Few years back, a friend brought a Japanese girl from a student exchange program.

Me: What does Yamate means?
Jap girl: Yamate? You mean train station???

Then years later, I realize that the word ‘Yamate’ is incorrect. The correct word for stop is ‘Yamete’.

Cats are a common sight in the Foreigners Cemetery. I wonder what are they doing there. I hope they’re not feasting on dead bodies.

Mmmm..fat juicy cats…

Habour View Park is another ‘must see’ place after visiting Foreigner’s Cemetery. There, one can have a bird’s eye view of Yokohama Port and its surroundings. Many artistes pot their butts there to draw pictures.

Next stop, Minato Mirai 21, a large urban development built on reclaimed land in Yokohama. Along the stretch of waterfront properties lie a number of sky scrapers and also Landmark Tower, Japan’s tallest building. There’s a lift that takes you to the observatory, but for a fee of 1000yen. No thanks.

The best time to take pictures of Minato Mirai is at night as all the skyscrapers will be lighted together with the Cosmo Clock Ferris Wheel, the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. The Ferris Wheel changes its lights as well 😀

Landmark Tower on the left

World Tallest Ferris Wheel One of the tallest in the world