Nandakumar’s Wedding – 27.3.2007

Last Monday, I received a call from Nandakumar, former legal aid mate.

N: Yooo brother, how are you? Sorry, haven’t had the time to talk to you.
Me: Good good, how are you??
N: good too! anyway, I got news for you…
Me: Wait, you’re getting married ??
N: wow! Who did you hear it from??
Me: No la, I just guessed.. haha congrats man.
N: I got another shocking news for you..
N: er.. no la wedding is this WEDNESDAY!!!
Me: /(*O*)!!!

Finally, Nandakumar’s parent long awaited day has finally come. Nanda’s family found him a nice lady to be his life companion. It was an arranged marriage.

The ceremony was held at one temple at Brickfields. I’ve never been to an Indian wedding as such I was pretty lost when I got there. Initially, I thought it was going to be held inside the temple, but instead, it was in a hall next to the temple.

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Music: Going Retro

Let’s go retro!
The first song for today is Color Me Badd’s I Wanna Sex U Up.

Check out the outfit! Ahahahaha….. though I kinda like the tempo. ;P
The second song is Salt’N’Pepa’s Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex – is it a taboo word?
I think the Ministry of Education should use this song for their Sex Education campaign. Has it been implemented in the education system yet? I keep finding only old articles reiterating the plan to do so.