Nandakumar’s Wedding – 27.3.2007

Last Monday, I received a call from Nandakumar, former legal aid mate.

N: Yooo brother, how are you? Sorry, haven’t had the time to talk to you.
Me: Good good, how are you??
N: good too! anyway, I got news for you…
Me: Wait, you’re getting married ??
N: wow! Who did you hear it from??
Me: No la, I just guessed.. haha congrats man.
N: I got another shocking news for you..
N: er.. no la wedding is this WEDNESDAY!!!
Me: /(*O*)!!!

Finally, Nandakumar’s parent long awaited day has finally come. Nanda’s family found him a nice lady to be his life companion. It was an arranged marriage.

The ceremony was held at one temple at Brickfields. I’ve never been to an Indian wedding as such I was pretty lost when I got there. Initially, I thought it was going to be held inside the temple, but instead, it was in a hall next to the temple.

The guests were seated facing the groom who will be seating on a nice altar with his relatives. Trumpet and drums were playing all night long in the background. Snacks such as muruku and some sort of sugar candies were passed around.

Indian ladies & musicians

Sugared candies

Unlike Chinese wedding, I was told that it is not compulsory to give any presents or angpow ($$) to the bride and groom. Phew.

I managed to meet up with other fellow lawyers including Frank and Kevin Ong. Poor Frank had to walk all the way from KL Sentral (around 20 minutes walk) to the temple as I convinced him that the temple and the LRT station is within walking distance. He came with sweat all over his face. Hehe

Throughout the entire ceremony, I notice that the whole night, many things were thrown at the bride and groom. As the groom ties some sort of knot around the bride’s neck, everyone starts throwing flowers and all sorts of things on them. Then on top of them, one box full of flowers was poured on them. Thereafter, before going off, the guests throw grains at them.

Here comes the bride!

The ceremony only lasted an hour. It ended with the guest forming a line toward the new bride and groom, congratulating them of their big day.

When I was in high school, I had one teacher who also went through an arranged marriage. And, on his first day at work, I cheekily asked:-

Me: So your parents arranged your marriage for you?
Teacher: Yes.
Me: So…did you ‘do’ it on your first night!?!
Teacher: O___O

Congrats Nanda! Hope you ‘did’ it!

7 thoughts on “Nandakumar’s Wedding – 27.3.2007”

  1. Nanda refused to introduce his wife to me before the marriage because he was afraid of loosing his one and only chance of getting laid

  2. it’s near the train station lar but not LRT, it’s MONORAIL!!! Nvm la, at least i did something good for all the trouble. I attended Nanda Kumar’s wedding

  3. chuoming: AHHAHAHAHAH
    khinko: yeah la, the bride is married, get another one keke
    amos: AHHAH
    fank: hahahah yeah good for you mate. next wedding, frank’s shotgun wedding.

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