Music: Going Retro

Let’s go retro!
The first song for today is Color Me Badd’s I Wanna Sex U Up.

Check out the outfit! Ahahahaha….. though I kinda like the tempo. ;P
The second song is Salt’N’Pepa’s Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex – is it a taboo word?
I think the Ministry of Education should use this song for their Sex Education campaign. Has it been implemented in the education system yet? I keep finding only old articles reiterating the plan to do so.

12 thoughts on “Music: Going Retro”

  1. Haha, this brought back a lot of memories of the late 80s and early 90s especially music wise. The dance moves by Color me badd was the rage at one time isn’t it?
    But i bet if people were to attempt it now, it’ll look a bit out of place. Those were the days of Tommy Page, NKOTB and George Michael isn’t it? Not forgetting Madonna and her like a virgin days.
    Good ol days 🙂

  2. Retro music not bad mar? Khinko, i think u better learn to listen this type of music and bring girls to this type of club…then u sing “I wanna sex you up!”

  3. Amos: very hard to stand out in black lah. how to get people to notice you?? i mean, even you guys wear those phat pants with ……. that reflective stripes and patterns, no meh?
    low: censorship board is sleeping. 😉

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