My life – Football / Futsal

I can’t remember my first time kicking a football. But I do remember one time in primary school where my good friend was chasing after a ball. I can’t remember how it happened but I remember that my friend tripped and rolled on the ground and few days later, he came back with a concrete cast on his hand. LOL.

Basketball was a craze during my first few years in high school. I got hooked for couple of years but eventually my interest drifted towards football.

Football jerseys were unheard off. The only method we had in order to identify the other side was by going topless or wearing a tshirt – first team that concedes a goal, the other team must take off their shirts. I never liked that. It’s gross. Imagine 11 sweaty topless boys grinding with other boys. Euw!

I eventually found out that there’s a term for it after seeing one online advertisement by Nike (through Nuffnang‘s advert). It’s called Togel. What the Togel?? Sounds like Bogel to me! But to think of it, bogel means naked. And togel means? Half Naked?

Visit Nike Togel Website at

Futsal was unheard of in Malaysia in the late 1990s. But my friends and I played something like that. It was fun. During high school, we had games in the late evening (until it turns dark) in parks. My friends would never forget this incident when one of them accidentally dented a car door after being hit by a ball (I think it was a Nike ball). The owner was so furious that he took out his machete and started chasing them. LOL.

My high school friends continued hanging out together after leaving high school and some of us eventually went to the same college or a college nearby. We would meet up occasionally to play football.
At one point during college, we played futsal in a shopping centre car park in the middle of the night. We started off from the ground floor car park and slowly moved to the 3rd floor (highest floor). It was quite interesting. We had to dodge pillars.

However, our enthusiasm died after we were sick of picking balls that went off the car park and having greased feet (thanks to the cars). But I think the last straw was when a security guard brought his friends along (with weapons!) to confront us – thinking that there was a commotion in the car park.

Years later, I had my first taste of amateur football when my friends organised a game with a bunch of Korean. We bought jerseys just for the game and I bought my first football boot, a Nike boot.

On that faithful day, we arrived late. But we somehow hoped that the Koreans would understand the Malaysian culture of being late.

We thought that the Koreans, just like Japanese, would turn up wayyyy earlier. But it seems that the Koreans were nothing like Japanese. The Koreans didn’t turn up for the match at all!!!

We ended playing with a bunch of locals and got thrashed. Boo.
Even though it been more than 9 years since we left high school, my high school friends would still bond over football/futsal (and not forgetting alcohol).

Thank you England for popularizing football. Hope you win the next world cup (HA! you wish!)

Cake or Bum

Wahahaha! Sorry about the topic. I initially wanted to talk about bums, but as you can see from the picture here, you have a clearer view of the cakes and not bum. Sigh.
What is your favourite cake at Secret Recipe? Mine is the Chocolate Banana, sometimes the Oreo Cheesecake or Chocolate Indulgence.
Bums. I have a girl friend who enjoys checking out mens’ bums. I don’t know how she does it, but when she does, she’ll nudge me and say, “Hey, check out that guy’s bum. Sexayyyy…..”
And I’d look to find out just how sexy it is, but disappointed that it looks normal to me. Like seriously, how do you judge a man’s bum? How it fills out his pants? How round it is? How they connect to muscular thighs?
And how to describe a man’s bum to be CUTE? o.O I am terribly inexperienced with mens’ bums! All I know is that it cannot wobble when he walks, because then it’s a sign of a flabby bum and in need of toning, or it can’t be too round that his pants looks too tight from the back view. ;D
I mean, I’d have to grab his bum cheek and give it a squeeze to find out how firm it is, then I can say, “MMMM SEXAY!”
*goes off to squeeze frank_omatic’s bum*

Singapore 21.6.2007 – 24.6.2007 – Part II

As I was saying on my previous post, I spent RM140 on stamps related products. Introducing, my new babies to my post box collection 😀

Singapore is booming like mad. Shopping centres and foreigners were everywhere too. In a country of only 4 million people, I wonder if the said amount is enough to support all the businesses of the shopping centres in Singapore.

The Singapore economy is booming so fast until she had to procure resources from other countries. Lawyers are not spared. I heard that foreign lawyers are encouraged to enter Singapore to practice. I was told by one head hunter that I met in Singapore that lawyers on their first year are offered SG$4000 per month (In Malaysia, they only get RM2000 – RM3500!). Other than legal practice, lawyers are also recruited to serve in house to corporations. I was told by the same source that she had one lawyer on his 6th year being offered SG12,000 per month.

I once read from a book which described Singapore as an ‘air con’ city. It’s true. Everywhere I go, they have air con! Although it makes us comfortable, I felt that it’s pretty bad for the environment.

Throughout the entire 4 days, we took every opportunity to try the food there. Initially I thought that Singaporean food is about the same with Malaysia. Boy, I was wrong. There are so many things to eat! We had around 4 – 5 meals a day! With the boom going on in Singapore, all sorts of foreign F&B franchises started their businesses here.

Top of the M

On our first night in Singapore, we met up with Voon Him with his girlfriend Cherry for dinner at Top of the M. Top of the M is a revolving restaurant, located on top of Meridian Hotel. We were able to grab a 360 degrees view of Singapore. He said since he is unable to bring me around Singapore, he would show me Singapore through the revolving restaurant.

Voon Him treated us dinner and wine. Many thanks to him.
Just as we were about to order dessert, we had musicians singing and playing music for us. 😀

AMK House of TeoChew Noodles

Located at Florence Close (Around 2 minutes from Kovan MRT Station), serves excellent noodles mixed with at least 3 types of sauces. Their noodles make me drool whenever I think of them. :D~~~
Serves in dry and soup, I would personally recommend the dry version. Opens 24 hours a day, queue gets crazy at night.

Ajisen Ramen
This is personally recommended by fellow blogger, Sarahian. I’m not a big fan of ramen but the price is worth it. Get the Ramen Set (Ramen + Drink + Side dish) $12-18. Enough to make my stomach feel like exploding.

Ajisen Ramen is a franchised based restaurant. There is one in Takashimaya. For the list of all their restaurants in Singapore, visit .

To be continued..

Cook With Me: Vegetable Soup

I thought I’d share with you something a friend of my friend sent to her, a recipe for vegetable soup, which my friend refers to as the V8 vegetable soup because one of its ingredients requires v8 vegetable juice.
You do know what v8 vegetable juice is, right?
The ingredients needed: carrots, celery, cabbage, yellow onions, green or red peppers (capsicum), diced tomatoes and v8 vegetable juice. That’s the original recipe. I excluded peppers here, though.

Put in all the diced and sliced vegetables in a big pot. I used: 3 carrots, 1 yellow onion, 3 celery sticks and some cabbage.
Next, add the can of diced tomatoes and 2 cans of v8 vegetable juice. When I say 2 cans, it’s that Coke-can size, alright? (Hehe, I’m bad at descriptions. Obviously I cannot be a chef!)
Then, add water so that the vegetables are drowned. ;D
Boil til vegetables are soft, or about 2 hours.

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RECHARGE REVELATION @ A’famosa Resort, Melaka – 27.10.2007

For the past 4 years, REVELATION has staged the most refreshing, exciting and memorable parties Malaysia has ever seen, bringing together the world’s leading dance DJs and electronic music acts.
REVELATION began in 2003 when more than 7,000 clubbers were blown away by a sensory overload of amazing music, fresh creative artwork and exciting interactive activities. Since then it has turned into South East Asia’s landmark music event, accommodating more than 20,000 clubbers with a music policy that embraces electronic music, rock, and hip hop; truly an event dedicated to contemporary progressive modern living.
On October 27th, 2007, celebrating its fifth anniversary at a specially built site at the A’Famosa Resort outside Melaka, RECHARGE REVELATION presents Global Gathering, Europe ’s biggest dance music festival. In Europe, Global Gathering has consistently run sold out festivals, reaching its peak in 2006 with a record-breaking attendance of over 70,000 party-goers.
REVELATION and Global Gathering is the perfect partnership as both are recognised for their production expertise and skillful programming of the most current international and local musical talent. They both also always deliver exciting interactive activities and showcase performance, dance, multimedia, art, fashion, design, film and adventure rides in a multi-space environment.
RECHARGE REVELATION 5 Global Gathering will be the event of 2007 with a line up of more than 40 international, regional and local acts spread across six arenas (outdoor and covered) with some of the most innovative lifestyle facilities ever seen at a Malaysian music festival. The full line up of acts and activities will be released in August so watch this space.

Book Rooms
A’Famosa Room Reservation Hotline: 03 27818833
Operating Hours: 9am – 6pm Monday – Sunday
To find out more about A’Famosa, visit their website
REVELATION is an annual music and lifestyle festival held in Malaysia. For the past 4 years, REVELATION has brought together the world’s leading dance DJ’s and electronic music acts together with Malaysia’s best DJ’s in an event featuring showcases by established and upcoming creative talents in the fields of performance, dance, multimedia, art, fashion, design and film in a multi-space environment.
REVELATION has revolutionized the way young adults perceive dance and electronic music culture in the country by pioneering activities that engage, inspire and recharge.
Global Gathering is the brainchild of the people behind Godskitchen, one of the world’s biggest and most successful clubbing brands. Since its debut in 2001 the Global Gathering festival has sold out every event in the United Kingdom. Recognized in the industry as the dominate outdoor music festival in Europe, Global Gathering has achieved success through phenomenal production, world class talent, and superior promotion, enabling the festival to become the UK’s largest dance music festival.
Recharge Revelation presents Global Gathering, the Europe’s biggest dance music festival. Recharge Revelation5 Global Gathering will fuse the best elements from both festivals in what promises to be the music and clubbing event of the year.
If you have signed up at this website, you have exclusive access to early bird tickets, contests where you can win free tickets and the latest information
2pm, there will be plenty of music and day time activities for you to enjoy with your friends. There will also be air-conditioned tents for you to hang out and dance in.
Within the 6 Arenas, there will be a wide range of world-class music available. The genres are Trance, House, Prog, Techno, Minimal, Tech, Live Electronica, Hip Hop, Breaks, Indie, Rock and Retro.
It will be held at A’ Famosa Resort, Melaka at an area specially built up for the party. Please click here for a map to the resort. Please click here for directions and the modes of transport you could take.
Ticket Price:
RM53 (Early Bird: 01 July-02 Aug 07)
RM63 (Pre – Sale: 03 Aug-25 Oct 07)
RM83 (Door-Sale: 27 Oct 07)
Axcess outlets
Axcess Office, Jalan Semangat
1-Utama Shopping Complex
Stadium Putra Box Office, Bukit Jalil
Rock Corner, Midvalley Megamall
Tower Records, Suria KLCC
The Actors Studio, Bangsar
Lot 10 Tower Records
Music Valley Midlands Park, Penang
Music Valley Greentown, Ipoh
Music Valley, Holiday Plaza, Johor Bahru
There are rooms and bungalows (with a pool each) available at A’Famosa but they will fill up quickly.
Call the A’Famosa Room Reservation Hotline: 03 27818833
Operating Hours: 9am – 6pm Monday – Sunday
To find out more about A’Famosa, visit their website. here
You should bring your IC if you are Malaysian and any ID that shows your age and picture if you are not Malaysian. Everyone will be carded. Bring some rain cover, just in case. Wear a pair of good shoes, leave your heels at home, ladies. Bring cash, only your first 2 drinks are free.
The full line up of acts will be released in August.
Every REVELATION event is carefully planned and managed for quality, safety and security by a professional team of experienced personnel. The promoters, Pervert Designs Sdn Bhd works very closely with all government departments and state authorities to ensure the safety and security of every attendee.
These measures include:
Age and ID verification
Metal Detectors
Security Personnel trained in crowd control
Police assistance including Traffic Police
Police with mobile command van on standby during event
Fire trucks
Emergency First Aid Staff
Ambulance on standby
RECHARGE REVELATION 5 is lovingly put together and professionally organized by Pervert Designs, a brandscape design and concept events consultancy with 9 years of experience organizing creative events. The people behind Pervert Designs are responsible for legendary parties like Heineken Green Room Festival, Heineken Thirst Studio 2006 and Revelation 1, 2 and 3.
Their dedicated team of expert suppliers provide the best services and equipment available in Malaysia. They also work closely with government administrative departments ensuring the legitimacy of everything they do to ensure the comfort and safety of attendees.
More info @
I found out that the possible DJs line would be the Bass Agents, blink, Terence C, Fono, Goldfish, Stylustiks etc and as for foreign DJs.. anyone got any info?

Wife or Child?

Sometimes I read stories that make me cry. The ones where a woman is having a difficult labour, and the doctor would inform the husband, “Your wife may die when she delivers your baby.” Then there would be decisions to make, and one of them could be, “Who would you want us to save?”
When these are romance novels, of course I’d cry when the wife dies and the husband ends up loving the child very much. Then you read that the husband misses his wife terribly, you know, being soulmates and all.
What a tricky situation. Not everyone can have everything.
But if you were the husband, would you make the same choice, or let go of the child, so that you can keep your wife? After all, you can always adopt, right?
I asked a friend about this, and he strongly said, “Of course I’d want my wife!!! How am I supposed to continue moving into the future without her??”
Even I was touched. ;P

Legal Life – Part III

In the legal profession, we have this practice of having other lawyers to attend our matters in Court. Sometimes for complicated cases but most of the time for simple matters like getting an adjournment. As for the latter, the reasons are usually because the lawyer in charge has another matter in another Court or has to attend a meeting with clients. And when this kind of cases aroused, we would usually get the file and documents a day before the matter.

But today, my colleague (“C”) called me to help him attend one matter at the KL High Court. For the first time, I received the weirdest excuse ever.

C: are you going to Court tomorrow?
Me: No. Why?
C: Please help me attend one matter at KL High Court.
Me: Tiuu (pissed off) why so last minute??? How are you going to pass me the file?
C: Just go without the file la.
Me: mahai! you want me to get scolded by the Judge is it?? Go without the file?? Why cant you go your self?
C: (sniffing) My dog just collapsed and died today.
Me: ooohh….

You see, C is one person who loves his dogs. He treats them like his children. He was at the verge of crying over the phone.

Me: Okok. I’ll go for your matter tomorrow.

I wonder what I should tell the Judge tomorrow.

I went to Court for the above mentioned matter today. C gave me the wrong information about the matter O_O and I ended up in another Court and waited half an hour for a non existent matter.

After double checking with C, I discovered that it’s listed in another Court.

However, the Judge was on leave O_O|||