Wife or Child?

Sometimes I read stories that make me cry. The ones where a woman is having a difficult labour, and the doctor would inform the husband, “Your wife may die when she delivers your baby.” Then there would be decisions to make, and one of them could be, “Who would you want us to save?”
When these are romance novels, of course I’d cry when the wife dies and the husband ends up loving the child very much. Then you read that the husband misses his wife terribly, you know, being soulmates and all.
What a tricky situation. Not everyone can have everything.
But if you were the husband, would you make the same choice, or let go of the child, so that you can keep your wife? After all, you can always adopt, right?
I asked a friend about this, and he strongly said, “Of course I’d want my wife!!! How am I supposed to continue moving into the future without her??”
Even I was touched. ;P

14 thoughts on “Wife or Child?”

  1. I’ve read of something similar to this somewhere.. To save the wife or the child, but in the end one will die.
    It had something to do with religion, but can’t remember if it was Islam or Christianity..
    The decision was to let the wife live. As hurtful as it may be to the couple, at least the child would have died as an innocent soul.
    With the wife alive, they could conceive another, or perhaps adopt and nurture the child.

  2. if my wife is frank i would choose to let frank die but then again i will have to stick to frank junior for the rest of my life!

  3. baburs: ZOMG yeah! religion would choose child, i thought?
    rych: maybe the female version of frank not bad leh ;D
    Abalon: yeah lah, sakit hati also, tough decision….
    visitor: really? oohh..

  4. KILL! THEM BOTH…after that, kill yourself so the whole family can enter the after life all together.

  5. Yeap. The doc has the responsibility of saving the mother. Preferably, you’d wanna save both, but given that situation, his/her responsibility is towards the mom.

  6. bimbobum : If my memory serves me right, then I think they saved the wife.. but quite a lot of my brain cells has been killed so don’t really take my word for it lah =P
    But personally I would save my wife..
    Now for another situation!!
    Lets say the doctor says that both of them (wife and child) won’t survive, unless you sacrificed one of your vital organs to save your wife, which in turn will save the child..
    But in doing so, you’ll die.
    Would you?

  7. wife. coz the wife would be me la right? =P but seriously, wife la. If I was the mother, I would still choose myself *ducks from rotting food*. If you think about it, the amount of ppl hurt/hurting/will get hurt would be less with the newborn gone, but if it’s the mommy, hubby, family, in-laws, friends, teachers, etc all oso will feel the loss.
    oh, and if you save the wife, boleh ada anak lagi mah.

  8. Mei: yay, trust a doctor to speak up! 😉
    baburs: donate!
    electronicfly: hard to say wat. wat if permanently scarred cannot have kids? adopt can?

  9. 1. female version of frank is the most disgusting thought that can ever come to mind
    2. depends, if wife is hot, then wife, if wife is not hot, save the baby, give it up for adoption, and find another wife, everyone lives happily ever after

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