Legal Life – Part III

In the legal profession, we have this practice of having other lawyers to attend our matters in Court. Sometimes for complicated cases but most of the time for simple matters like getting an adjournment. As for the latter, the reasons are usually because the lawyer in charge has another matter in another Court or has to attend a meeting with clients. And when this kind of cases aroused, we would usually get the file and documents a day before the matter.

But today, my colleague (“C”) called me to help him attend one matter at the KL High Court. For the first time, I received the weirdest excuse ever.

C: are you going to Court tomorrow?
Me: No. Why?
C: Please help me attend one matter at KL High Court.
Me: Tiuu (pissed off) why so last minute??? How are you going to pass me the file?
C: Just go without the file la.
Me: mahai! you want me to get scolded by the Judge is it?? Go without the file?? Why cant you go your self?
C: (sniffing) My dog just collapsed and died today.
Me: ooohh….

You see, C is one person who loves his dogs. He treats them like his children. He was at the verge of crying over the phone.

Me: Okok. I’ll go for your matter tomorrow.

I wonder what I should tell the Judge tomorrow.

I went to Court for the above mentioned matter today. C gave me the wrong information about the matter O_O and I ended up in another Court and waited half an hour for a non existent matter.

After double checking with C, I discovered that it’s listed in another Court.

However, the Judge was on leave O_O|||


12 thoughts on “Legal Life – Part III”

  1. errr considered lucky the judge was on leave and you dont hv to come up with a reason?
    btw, what reason are you planning to tell the judge?

  2. ivn: yahooo judge was on leaveee
    blah: LOL
    Kinko: judge on leave 😀
    Clinton: err..what has it goto do with this post?
    Jenny: the truth!!
    Epel: kkeke yeah la
    Low: yeah, it was Chee Bye CB.

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