Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part II

The Star Newspaper ran an article on Freedom 08 two days after the event.

Port Dickson folks irked by youths’ out of control behaviour at rave event


Residents of Port Dickson are unhappy that the seaside town is being used by certain quarters to promote booze, drugs and promiscuity among the young.

Port Dickson assemblyman M Ravi said a recent wild party at the seaside was a real shocker to him and the community here. He said that such parties did more damage to the young than promote tourism.
“I made a surprise visit to a so called world music event in the wee hours of Saturday morning and what I saw was shocking.

“Thousands of teenagers, many drunk and wearing skimpy clothing were misbehaving and some were even involved in substance abuse,” he claimed.

Oblivious to his surroundings: Two teenagers trying to wake a ‘fallen’ mate.

She said it also made little sense to see some female teenagers wearing swimsuits and other skimpy clothing although it was 4am.
“When I asked them if their parents knew if they were here, they shied away. Most of them are from Kuala Lumpur,” she said.

A friend of hers said it was quite a sight to see several youths lying on the ground clearly intoxicated.

“Medical people were on standby but some of the party goers were too hysterical. Beers were sold openly and some had been drinking for hours,” he said.

Ravi said the authorities should not treat the matter lightly.
“If the idea is to promote PD, then we can do without such events since it creates such a bad image,” he said

He said government departments which give out permits for such events should not “close an eye” when granting permits as this would be tantamount to endorsing social ills.

Source: The Star Newspaper

First of all, this article paints an extremely bad light on raves in Malaysia. As boob_omatic put it, “only sohais go to these kind of sohai events”. This article no doubt has caused negative effects on the public.

My group of friends and I went in free of drugs and sober. The ultimate aim was just to enjoy ourselves and meet up with friends that we’ve not seen for ages. On the 2nd day, the rave ended at 3am. Music was off and everyone was ushered out. If the patrons wants hang around the are until 4am, there is nothing the organisers can do if they are not within the perimeter of the rave. Further, there was police all over the place. They could have just asked everyone to go home. There may be bad apples that tainted this event but I personally think that it shouldn’t be a bar for raves to be held in Malaysia.

I hope they don’t ban all raves in Malaysia cause my friend Abang Fai (Fai Kor) wants to pei (trip) and he needs to do it outdoor. FAI KOR! YOU STILL GOT NEXT WEEEK!!

Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part I

It’s been a while since I went for a rave. The last time was probably at Speedzone @ KL Tower in April 2007.
Freedom 08 was a 2 days dance event held at Admiral Marina, which is around 78km away from Kuala Lumpur. first day consists of DJ Ferry Corsten and DJ Tiesto. Second day was Cosmic Gate and DJ Tiesto again. Patrons have the option to opt for a 2 days ticket or a 1 day ticket. It’s the second time a rave was held at Admiral Marina. The
The gang, Acidtripping Ben, Angeline, Elaine, Eric, ivN, Sharon Dilirius, Jimmy, Heidi and I battered the traffic jam before reaching Port Dickson in the evening. We were stuck at one slow moving stretch near Seremban for half an hour – only to realise that the cause of the jam was one stupid hole in a divider.

Jam aaaaa!
Jimmy and Heidi came all the way from Jakarta, Indonesia to attend this rave. Acidtripping Ben on the other hand joined us to a rave for the first time.
We stayed at one hotel by the name Selesa Beach Resort, which is 2 hotels away from Admiral Marina. The room was pretty crap. ivN and Acidtripping Ben’s room smells of wet dog. And they don’t have warm shower too.
We had dinner at one waterfront restaurant nearby our hotel. It’s a very nice place but the food was crap.

Port Dickson beach – looks nice but polluted like hell.

They also forgot my order. I was so frustrated that I screamed, “WHERE THE F*** IS MY BURGER??”. It came few minutes later and they were nice enough to give me a complimentary ice lemon tea for the error. I hope they didn’t use my buns to wipe their armpit.

My 2 Litre Asahi Beer from Langkawi
Getting into Admiral Marina was painful. It was extremely crowded and hot. We had to endure a pushy crowd through their ticket and security counter to get into the venue. The crowd control was terrible. There were a few lanes opened for everyone to enter and everyone had to fight their way into the lanes – loads of queue cutting and pushing involved.

The crowd at the entrance

Someone actually wore this slipper to the rave. It’s our hotel’s slippers. Oh, one guy came in wheelchair too.
Security was pretty tight this time. They went through everyone’s pockets, wallets, handbags, cigarette boxes and even shoes to check for weapons, drugs and forbidden items. Some girls had their bags flipped upside down and shaken.
I was told that one of the forbidden items was candies (including chewing gum) and many had their candies confiscated. The worst bit is that recording gadgets are not allowed. Some friends had their camera batteries confiscated.
On the first night, some people were arrested after they were caught for drugs. A friend was arrested after they found pills hidden in his pocket. Hope he’ll be fine.
The venue made up mainly of 2 rooms, electronic dance music (main area) and R&B music. The main area was located on a sandy field. By the end of the night, I had sand everywhere.
Just as we stepped into the main room, someone screamed, “WOOOHOOO FERRY CORSTEN!!!”.
Elaine: What a noob. Cosmic Gate is spinning la. Ferry Corsten was last night.
It is unfortunate that Cosmic Gate had to play before DJ Tiesto. It would be great to see Cosmic Gate to go all out.

Part II Coming up!
In the meanwhile, check out the following movies I took.

Tiesto’s first track of the night.

Tiesto – Love comes again

Sailing Adventure @ Langkawi – Part II

Back from Langkawi!
It was a splendid trip. We ate the best and stayed at the best. Many thanks to Apxara Travel and Events, Westin Hotel, Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort, Sheraton Langkawi and Firefly for everything. Special thanks to those at Apxara Travel and Events for the great time and an opportunity for bloggers to be part of media.

Other than Nicolekiss, KinkyblueFairy and I, the mainstream media such as New Straits Times, NuYou magazine, New Tide, New Icon, The Peak and New Man were invited as well. Many people were surprised to see bloggers rubbing shoulders with them.

Even bloggers nowadays got name cards..don’t pray pray.
It was great to leave work for few days. Nevertheless, I received many calls from my office and also text messages informing me something along the lines of, “Your staff screwed up”. -_-|||
We flew from Terminal 3 of Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport (commonly known as Subang Airport) via Firefly. Many years back, Subang Airport was the main airport for Malaysia until KLIA was built. Now Firefly flies to Langkawi 3 times a day from Subang Airport and 2 times a day from Penang. It takes around 45 minutes to reach Langkawi from Subang Airport.

Seats @ Firefly is extremely spacious.
I parked my car at one dodgy car park opposite Terminal 3. It was only RM1.50 per entry but when I told the attendant that I’ll be gone for 3 days, he charged me RM3.50. I gave him RM5 and said, “Eh..tolong jaga kereta ya.. (please take care of my car..)”. When I came back, my car was still in one piece but was covered with dust -_-.
We were greeted by Chic Wern and Linda of Apxara at Terminal 3 and immediately swifted into the boarding area for our flight to Langkawi. There I met blogger Nicolekiss, photographer Alvin and journalists and writers Liza, Andy and Jaswir.
Will update more when I come back from Freedom 08 @ Port Dickson!

Raja Petra Kamaruddin charged for sedition

While this blogger and a few other bloggers are going spend few nights in a lavish hotel in Langkawi, another blogger, Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) of the well known website, will be lavishing in jail until his trial in October 2008. He refused to post bail.

RPK was today charged under Section 4(1)(c) of the Sedition Act 1948 (“SA”) at the Petaling Jaya Sessions Court over an article which he wrote in his website entitled “Let’s send the Altantuya murderers to hell“. He claimed that the charges are politically motivated.
Section 2 of the SA defines “seditious” as “when applied to or used in respect of any act, speech, words, publication or other thing qualifies the act, speech, words, publication or other thing as one having a seditious tendency
Seditious tendency is defined in Section 3 of the SA as:

    3. Seditious tendency.
    (1) A “seditious tendency” is a tendency –
    (a) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against any Ruler or against any Government;
    (b) to excite the subjects of any Ruler or the inhabitants of any territory governed by any Government to attempt to procure in the territory of the Ruler or governed by the Government, the alteration, otherwise than by lawful means, of any matter as by law established;
    (c) to bring into hatred or contempt or to excite disaffection against the administration of justice in Malaysia or in any State;
    (d) to raise discontent or disaffection amongst the subjects of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong or of the Ruler of any State or amongst the inhabitants of Malaysia or of any State;
    (e) to promote feelings of ill-will and hostility between different races or classes of the population of Malaysia; or
    (f) to question any matter, right, status, position, privilege, sovereignty or prerogative established or protected by the provisions of Part III of the Federal Constitution or Article 152, 153 or 181 of the Federal Constitution.

Under Section 4 of SA, any person who:
(a) does or attempts to do, or makes any preparation to do, or conspires with any person to do, any act which has or which would, if done, have a seditious tendency;
(b) utters any seditious words;
(c) prints, publishes, sells, offers for sale, distributes or reproduces any seditious publication; or
(d) imports any seditious publication,
shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction, be, among others, liable for a first offence to a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit (RM5000) or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three (3) years or to both.
In light that the trial is fixed in October 2008, I shall refrain from making any comments on this matter but I wish RPK all the best.
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Sailing Adventure @ Langkawi

I have been invited by one local event company, Apxara Travel & Events to attend one of their events at Langkawi – all expense paid. Perks of being a blogger. Thanks Yoke Mei for the referral.

Apxara Travel & Events is a unique hybrid travel & events company specializing in corporate MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events) and team activities. They have recently started a new journey in Unique Experiences, a series of reinvention of destinations through discovery of new activities, places and sights that are not commonly known.

According to Chic Wern‘s (from Apxara Travel & Events) blog,

This full day Adventure, takes you first on speedboat to mangroves, eagle feeding and also a floating fish farm where you can pet stingrays and on lucky days, grab hold of horseshoe crabs! Next up, you will be brought to the yacht and there, you will have FREE FLOW of beverages (non-alcohol & alcohol) and also served with a simple lunch. If you are not those type that would like to sit on your bum, then get on the dinghy and go towards hidden lagoons and caves or even take the wheels of the vessel for a while! Others can sit and relax on the deck of the ship.

Of course, and the highlight of it all will be the Salt Water Jacuzzi; a drag net strewn onto the surface of the Sea and you hop onto it, lay back, and let the gentle gushes of sea water massage you as the ship steadily cruise over the Andaman Sea.

Woah, sounds so good. It’s about time to take a break from the office.
A few more local bloggers are coming as well. I was told that Joyce of Kinkybluefairy and Nicole from Nicolekiss are invited. I must commend the organisers’ smart idea on roping up some bloggers for the promotion of this event. Yet another step for the bloggers community in Malaysia.

This week is going to be extremely busy. After my trip to Langkawi, I’ll head to Port Dickson for Freedom Festival. Thereafter, I’ll be off to Berlin, Germany for a conference!!

Can the Ex Attend Your Wedding?

Would you let your husband/wife-to-be invite their ex to your wedding?
Can or not?
Recently one of my exes, (let’s call him Ex) called me to invite me to his wedding. I haven’t seen him since we broke up but we’ve chatted online once in a while.
Ex: So…bimbobum, are you going to attend my wedding? You can ask bimboman along…
Me: I’ll let you know ya…
As soon as I put down the phone, all those old memories came back to me – the courtship, our trips, our outings and those long nights of hot…never mind… We met at one posh club couple of years ago, feel in love immediately and broke up on a rainy day. Rainy day? Well, I’ll talk about it some other day.
Back to the story, it sure feels awkward to be at my ex’s wedding especially the wife-to-be used to my best friend. Let’s call her ‘Bloody *t00000t*’. But I sure feel for Bloody T000t if she sees me at her wedding, a day where she’s the princess and I’m the cheering crowd by the street. I hope she doesn’t put me in a table full of kids like how Eddie’s (Ben Stiller) ex girlfriend put Eddie in the ‘single’s’ table which is actually the kid’s table in the movie the Heartbreak Kid. You can actually see the clip below.

So days later,
Me: Ex, sorry can’t make it to your wedding. Something came up.
Now I feel bad lying to him.
Anyone else had the same experience? Would you mind if your husband/wife-to-be’s ex attends your wedding? You can comment anonymously if you want to 🙂