Some people say that 2012 was terrible. But I think it is not too bad. It’s sad to see people dying like ants under attack by insect repellent. If you don’t know what 2012 is, watch the trailer below.

The show got me thinking. What if the world we know will end within few days and you’re not one of those special ones that can be saved?

For me, I thought I would gather all my love ones and throw a little party while we wait for tsunami to wash us up or swallowed by the earth. In the meantime, we’ll get so drunk that we forgot that the world is ending soon. Definitely will ease our death when the time comes.

How do you like your last day on earth to end?

Anyway, last week some people who were watching 2012 at KLCC had a surprise when a group of people stood up and dance to the tune “Through My Window”.

Check out the photos below πŸ˜€

Check out the lady sitting on the front row..covering her ears!! wahahhahaha!!

4 thoughts on “2012”

  1. CL: lolx @ the girl in blue at the front row…

    regards to the end of day thingy, I’d probably gather all my loved one like u, but just gather to eat together and wait to die together…lolx…till death do us apart…lmfao…

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