2nd batch of stamps arrived

The antique stamps I bought from eBay arrived today. The seller, Neil seems to be a very nice person. He inserted a small note with a caricature of a cat saying “Smile at everyone today” and he wrote, “Hope you like them, Neil. The stamps are inside the cardboard, it may look crude but I find it the lightest and strongest way of keeping the stamps flat!! Thank you for buying NEIL’s stamps. I hope we can deal again in the near future. I will post feedback”. Hey, that put a smile in my face.

I spent 4 hours in the library trying to study. However, it wasn’t productive at all, I wasted half of my time daydreaming. Man, I wish my Law subjects are much more interesting. I?m not complaining that law sucked but it really needs a tuning. My lecturers should just write their notes in a simpler form. Sometimes I would take a long time trying to figure out what a sentence is trying to say.