Stamps arrived!

The Fire fighters strike is beginning to get on my nerves. Because of their bloody strike, the library has to close much earlier.

The fire fighters union is still adamant on getting a 40 percent pay rise and rejected the government’s offer of 16 percent pay rise. The army has to takeover the fire fighter’s duty with their ill equipped ‘Green Goddess’ truck. All of a sudden, the number of pranks calls roses dramatically. I guess irresponsible people wanted to see how the ‘Green Goddess’ looks like.

So far the press has been heavily monitoring effects of the strike. Few deaths were recorded during the strike but were dismissed as unavoidable or in simpler terms, the victim would die even though professional fire fighters were present.

Despite the stern protest, it was shown in the press that UK firefighters’ basic wage is well paid than their European counterparts. However, the sum varies when it comes to overtime and allowance. Allowance and overtime does not exist in UK but it exists in Europe (*ie night shifts, weekend allowance). However, the union argued that the cost of living in UK much higher, especially in London.