2nd last paper

I dreamt that I couldn’t do my paper this morning. I woke up feeling worried.

Then today, my dream…didn’t come true..THANK YOU ALLAH BUDDHA JESUS!!!

However, the paper didn’t come out as what we all expected. It was another killer paper. Fortunately, I had backup topics to answer the questions. Hopefully I’ll pass!

I sat beside the weird girl whom I blogged about couple of days ago. She’s the one who was grinning and smiling while doing the paper. Mmm.. from what I gathered, she was biting her own hand in frustration? Weird…very weird…

2 more days till freedom. 1 more paper to go!!

10 thoughts on “2nd last paper”

  1. soon! soon!! then we will PARTY!!!!!!! WAH!AA!!!…. AR!!!….. HA!!!! errr.. HAHA!!! wOeE WWWWOoO!!!! ArrrR!!!!

  2. thank u ferker!!! thank u nogi!! thank u metheril!! cris GENTING RAVE!! WAGHAHAHAsarah: yeaaaahh!!! cant wait for it to finish. 😀

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