xes store

Contrary to popular belief, I dont own a store in Tim3s Square, Kuala Lumpur.

Got this from Lynnzter 😀


22 thoughts on “xes store”

  1. dont make money diam diam there ar… trying to deny everything ar… give me VIP discount!!! good luck…!! eheh…

  2. Woot woot…the exam is OVER!!!! BTW, jon’s birthday thingy starts at 9:30pm in Flam, Bangsar. I will give u a call if i dun have a ride. I promise i will not get drunk or puke in your car. =)

  3. In actual fact, there are a few around KL .. it’s a chain store selling “jeng” shoes … I remember seeing one in Subang Parade too. Kekeke … 😛 Xes = seX spelt backwards! Hahaha … Leong is a *fapping* horny dude people! Girls, go get him! Kekeke …

  4. mary: thanks! 😀 Lainie: party…ohh yeahh!! 😀 kim: THANK YOU Miss err..Kim a/p mmm.. hehe YUMMIE: aiks.. lala stuff wo..u wan ah! ahha eishin: woi no no woi nono!! Tay: yeah yeah thanks!! Melethril: how i wish they name things after me ahha thankk uuu 😀 Gavin: mahai how u know? cheryl: xes stands for..err.. no meaning haha its just a nick someonesuggest many many years agowolfx: AMENchoon: thankksss my stampsss!! blossom: no wo no copyright..cannot sue them..hope they dont sue me back ehhe cm: thanks yooo mie: hopefully can pass!! lynngupao: thank u for promoting me, butthen i dont think i can get chicks with that kind of promotion teckie: thanks! 😀 louyau: thanks man 😀 pikey: domo domo!!

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