3rd day of work

I finally bought the tickets for Genting rave. I took a long lunch break to the tickets. Bloody Excessive Records didn’t open till 3:30PM. I had to wait 1½ hours for Bryan Burger to open the shop. Thank god my boss didn’t screw me for coming back late.

Burger will be spinning this Saturday. He even gave me the schedule of DJs.

Me: I heard you can get tickets at Pro Jet..
Burger: What? Pro Jet? What have they got to do with this rave?

So there you are, I don’t think you can get tickets from any Pro Jet petrol station!!

Anyway. the schedule would be- subjected to raids, terrorist attack etc..

Room 1
8 – 11 Popcon
11 – 12 Si Begg
12 – 2 Kevin Saunderson
2 – 4 Juan Atkins
4 – 6 Johan Gielen (NOOOOOOO SOOO LATEE)

Room 2
8 – 11 Fono + Blink
11 – 1 FC Kahuna
1 – 3 Peace Division
3 – 6 Gabriel + Steve

3 thoughts on “3rd day of work”

  1. wah .. johan so late. .. that mean .. i club until … 2 .. then go and rest a while .. the continue back on 4.. ? =P

  2. eishin: butthen so late..4am time to cool down and chill wei heehsenghau: how can la? juan atkinson onz also wei!!

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