Started work

I’m back to work at my old office again. I’ll be helping out for 2 weeks before leaving for Sarawak on 7 August.

Day 1 was the best. Met up with a bunch of interesting people ranging from company secretary to a group of surgeons specializing in sports injuries.

Day 2 was tiring. I wandered around KL like a lost tourist, trying to find my way to the court in order to file some documents. I didn’t want to drive hence I opted for the monorial and LRT. God damn it, I should have drove, i sweated like a pig.

Cant really update today, will blog again next time. And lastly…

3 more days to Genting RAVE!!!

Tickets can be purchased at Excessive Records, HP towers, Zouk Club @ KL and any Pro Jet petrol station (according to GEEKTHEGREAT)

geekthegreat» y go so far la.. retard or somthing? u can get the tix from any projet petrol kiosk.

MMM.. retard?

Anyway, the tickets cost RM35 which includes free gifts ie 4 packs of cigarrates and 2 complimentary drinks. Super value I say!

15 thoughts on “Started work”

  1. wic court did u go to??There’s one which is near Hard Rock Cafe and it stops right in front of the court building one wor..OH! If u don’t want the fags can u exchange it for drinks instead???

  2. puiee: ya meh? seems fine to me? never terbabas also eheh YUMMIE: mmmm good question…does pig sweat.. mmm ok after some research.. acording to pigs doesnt sweat because they do no have sweat glands. irenekay: no la. gotta run away from home. lynngugu: cigarattes to replace baileys. leng mou? ehheh dim sum: the one right infrot of hard rock cafe is monorial, the correct one is putra..butthen stops at masjid jamek.. the ct i went to is the one opposite selangor golf club loomiemie: hols~ gonna visit some sakai villages and the biggest hole in asia..

  3. No wonder so si mun la that felle. I think I know who already. My church friend. HEHEHHE. You both look a like .. Really. Leisure Commerce Square is .. Old bali disco

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