A Guy’s Best Friend

I used to tell myself that I would never date a guy who’s always surrounded by his good friends who are girls. I don’t know, the thought of it makes me uncomfortable – bordering jealousy, perhaps.
Ironically, I have a lot of good friends who are guys and ….. I’m sure their girlfriends don’t like the fact that the group of us hang out frequently!
In the past, their ex-girlfriends have had issues with me being their good friend that when they broke up, I was accused of being the “other” woman. Geez, I used to hate that, because it was never true.
One of the solutions to this problem, is to have everyone hang out together occasionally, so that the girlfriend can see for herself that the friendship is a harmless one, merely based on a long-term friendship and common interests. For example, If the girlfriend is not interested in watching football but the boyfriend is, as well as his good friends, who are girls, there is no harm letting them hang out together, is there?
Wait, let me think.
No, I think it should be a mixed group. *jealousy brewing*
That’s just my opinion, anyway.
Are there any other solutions?

9 thoughts on “A Guy’s Best Friend”

  1. First! Sometimes, the girlfriends or boyfriends for this matter want to hang out but they just don’t participate in conversations and end up spoiling the atmosphere.

  2. Heh..as a girl, i do see your point. Even if it was strictly platonic, a tinge of suspicion/jealousy would still exist.
    How bout going for guys who hangs out mainly with guys, rather than those ladies-man who prefers female company?

  3. hmmm….there is a bit of difference. Guys who hang out with guys only might not be very smooth with girls, while those guys who hang out often with girls are probably very smooth.
    Probably because they get insider’s tip?

  4. 4th! Not yet got your valentine, bimbo. šŸ™
    I think girls generally quite insecure one. My colleague just told me about her penpal’s wife that suspected her of having and affair with her husband. >_>

  5. Some girls (and guys) get jelous seeing ANYONE hang out with their boyfriend/girlfriend.
    At least you didn’t become your crush’s best friend.=(

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