Climbing @ Damai Wall, Batu Caves 3.2.2007

It’s been more than a year since I climbed outdoor. Thank you Hon San (frequent commenter AHLOKKOR) for providing us with the gears and guiding us.

This time round, Ping and a group of outdoor newbies (Abner, Eddy, Roland, Ben, Maylin, Lai and Cicak) climbed at Damai Wall. The surroundings at Damai Wall have changed considerably. The houses around there were removed and many of the monkeys were long gone.

Damai Wall was chosen because it has many 5C routes which are suitable for the newbies. Hon San said that one person actually said that all routes in Damai Wall are actually “5C routes”.

Hon San belaying

Ping the Belayer

Mosquito repellent- FULL POWER MODE ON

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..

For a person who doesn’t climb outdoor often, ‘leading’ “5Cs” routes were quite tough but doable. But climbing routes 5 – 6 storeys high is not my cup of tea. Further, climbing outdoor involves a lot of waiting.

The metal chain is the anchor, the only stable thing that holds you while climbing – provided its stable..

Me on top!

Picture taken from…

Halfway through climbing, it rained. Everyone had to run to take shelter. However, some people couldn’t leave the climbing spots as some were still climbing and belaying.

I took a nap after climbing. I dreamt that I fell off the cliff while climbing O___O

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13 thoughts on “Climbing @ Damai Wall, Batu Caves 3.2.2007”

  1. are u using madrock mugen limited editions? lol.. anyways based on the review its rather dangerous for outdoor climbs, i dunno why, but they look so pretty… *oogles*

  2. Damn.
    Bro….. its you. Last time I asked you wat shoe to buy for newbie. I did not realize I met you in real life liao. Hoo hoo.
    Dunno you remember a not.

  3. whoa! nice shoes! i’ve climbed outdoors only once… should go again la. but then nowadays the weather is so unpredictable. when u want it to rain, the sun shines, and vice versa…

  4. xes said should post i respond…akkakakaak…..Thankz for ajak me go outdoor well thankz to ur fren hon san…i really wondering how old is him..kekke..tell me? 😛

  5. evil@lai: don’t la gatal gatal…hahaha it was a great time climb with u all…so next trip will be more harder and different wall already..hehehe

  6. luxifer: wow you climb too? it was ok when i climbed outdoor, i used to use saltic to climb outdoors. and in comparison, i still prefer saltic 😛
    baburs: keek u wait till may liddat la. el nino. confirm no rain keke
    pifflse: climb la. nobody is stopping u keke
    Abner: aahah i remember that! butthen you were using another nick right? waht is it? small world man!
    lai: ekeke u can ask him urself 😛 he will comment sooon 😛

  7. Waaahahaha, I like the photo of the mosquito repellants, full power!
    Why everybody can compliment the shoes one? I can only see a bit of the shoe. I’m concentrating on the view below. That’s a loooong way down man, and you dare to take out your camera! O_o!!!

  8. haha yeah i climb too in ou’s camp 5! lol.. yeapz i saw ur saltic guru’s! thats damn good well haha, cilmbers preference i guess

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