A Million Excuses

From an email on behalf of her friend:

“The girl never dated before my friend, he was her first boyfriend. She took him for granted – for example, should she go out on her own with her friends, she refused to inform him about her plans and leaves her mobile phone off, not wanting him to call her while she’s out. She claimed that even her parents do not call her.
But if he is out with his friends and she calls to chat, he will entertain her calls.
She never wanted to hang out with him and his friends for yumcha sessions but insisted on going with her friends, who are usually guys.
She has a bad temper and never failed to yell at him, testing his patience to the max. No reason was ever given for her outbursts. And it happened frequently.
She never wanted to be seen eating with him, she claimed that she didn’t want the relationship to be made known to others. However, she can eat out with other guys!
When they go out at night, she insisted to be sent home by 10pm. But when she’s out with her friends, there’s no curfew! Yet when he asked her about it, she claimed that he was being controlling!
On his birthday, she asked him to take the day off work so they could celebrate together. She did so, too. But at the last minute, she cancelled her leave to eat with her boss.”

It pisses me off that she came up with a million excuses and took the boyfriend for granted. Is/Was that mature? Or is/was she just a bitch? Anyway, they’ve broken up and i hope he’ll find someone better.
bimbobum: #&*$^@*(#@)#(@#!!!!!!!

34 thoughts on “A Million Excuses”

  1. Haiya!, thats not a relationship. If the guy chooses to remain in this sort of relationship. He can only blame himself……Which stupid idiot will remain should be slapped until he sees the daylight…

  2. at least he is smart enough to get out of the relationship but not smart when he didnt see the sign to break up fast when in the relationship..

  3. Lokkor: it is true he can only blames himself for it..but no one can blame those people who falls hopelessly in love with someone. Maybe this is his first love..who knows..or perhaps tht guy just broke up with another girl and believe me some people are just desperate to get another gf, in which he doesnt mind whatever values she holds, he will endure whatever hardships that comes inbetween them. for me i dont know who to blame…the girl? heh i’d blame the world for having too much weirdos.

  4. AHLOKKOR: true, sometimes these are warning signs that you have to get out of it before you become more hurt.
    insomnia: oooh, i thought you were a girl. eheheh sorry ;P
    Thrillseeker: savvy ;P
    pokai: you experienced falling in love hopelessly before eh?

  5. wow.. sounds like that girl has been taking lessons from my ex boyfriend, “Mr.Oh-Look-At-Me-I’m-SO-Frickin-Superior-Cos-I-Studied-for-2-Years-in-USA.” What goes round, comes around jerkoffs.

  6. annoneanus: likewise for men? ;P
    galFeRari: true, BUT it does not make sense to have curfew for going out with the boyfriend and none when you’re out with your friends.
    raison: agreed!
    fanky: am i supposed to ask for it? ;P
    pokai: NKOTB songs la. hehee

  7. bimbo: ok lets sing budak baru song…Step by Step…uhhhh Baby…Gonna get to you girllllll..wahaha damn ol school..reminds me of primary days..

  8. mature? or being a bitch? purely bitchy mannnn! a mature relationship ain’t meant to be like that. not even close!
    but thank god they’ve broken up. i’m sure he can do better than being a door mat.

  9. endroo: ppl give chance ma. (“alright, stop. collaborate and listen; ice is back with a brand new invention…..?”)
    pokai: “oh, oh0oh, she’s my cover girllllllllllllll” ;P
    Mei: and you’d think that being in a relatioship for the first time one would be clingy ;P

  10. sorry, just a special request for a future topic, could you please discuss ‘players’ of both sexes and their tactics? And how to be aware of all the scamming and fake sh*t that they pull on others? Just a suggestion 🙂

  11. raison: will do, thanks ;P but i think everyone has their own tactics. no standard ones. 😉
    karheng: why? what for? the email did not attach a photo la. ;P

  12. wahha bimbo damn dramatic. Endroo yah man vanilla ice rules too..i thought theyre in the same era thou? budak baru, ice kacang and oh..dont forget mc tukul haha abit off topic here btw..

  13. i almost ended up in a relationship like that but luckily i vanila ice cube then mc hammer and then throw her to the nkotb to get away.

  14. hahah rych…..i like how u used all the 80s 90s groups in ur comment. Were u listening to mix FM at 9 am? ahahaha

  15. rych…so did i! My cousin made me listen to aerosmith when i was 8! hahahaha…
    Then another cousin introduced us to milli vanilli and vanilla Ice…i kept getting confused between those two
    Then another cousin kept listening to wilson phillips.
    I was listening to Elton John, Sinead O connor, Rod Stewart and Whitney Houston and Musical Rendezvouz when i was …5. Hahahahaha..ROFL!
    Damn i’m an oldie fan~ ahahahah…LOBO concert this weekend! Who going?
    Bimbo: damn u still remember rych and his women’s weekly mag adventures!

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