World Cyber Games @ KL Convention Centre

Philo, a reader of engaged me to assist her in procuring the services of Melbourne Shufflers to perform for the World Cyber Games.
Initially it sounded easy as all I had to do is get few shufflers and thereafter dance on stage.
I was wrong. We had a huge problem before the event!

The arrangement was very last minute. None of us knew how the stage looked like, what music to play and how the dance coordination is going to be. Nothing was done because we didn’t get a final confirmation whether or not the performance was going on. Only during the evening, I received final confirmation. I met the boys at around 11PM the night before.
Everything was done overnight!

Nevertheless, on the first day, the Shufflers (Stephanie, Sinclair, Calvin, Kit Wai and Makram) managed to strut their stuff for a 12 minutes performance. The first session went smoothly without any glitches. The Shufflers and I left the place right after their performance. The next one was scheduled at 7PM.
However, it poured heavily in the evening. The traffic was so bad until it took me 40 minutes to get to KLCC from my office which usually takes less than 5 minutes. Fortunately, I made it on time.
But none of the shufflers were there. /(*O*)\ !!
Kit Wai and Calvin were stuck on the train. It seems there was some technical problem due to the rain. Stephanie and Makram were stuck on the road too. As my colleague has put it, “When it starts raining, Kuala Lumpur stops”.
Then I called Sinclair.
Me: Dude where you???
Sinclair: I’m at home.
Me: \(*O*)/ !!
The performances were due to start at 7PM and as at 730PM, no shufflers were there!
I was on the verge of calling the performances off and to recalculate my charges towards the WCG organizers. Fortunately, Stephanie and Makram came just few minutes after 730PM. I pushed them backstage to change and then..
Me: Where’s the CD? (music to be played)
Makram: It’s with Kit Wai (whois still stuck in the train station)
Me: /(*O*)\ !!
I then quickly ran to the AV console and quickly requested for something for the shufflers.
Guy at console: THIS ONE FAST ONE!!!
Within minutes, Makram and Stephanie were on stage and ended it well.

Makram & Steph

Makram teaching
I felt so relieved.
The second session was better than the first one as the first one had 5 shufflers on stage and things were a little bit messed up. As for the second session, there were only 2 shufflers and Makram and Stephanie paired up well.
After their performances, the MC randomly grabbed 2 fellows from the audience and asked them to shuffle. And both of them did it well O_O|||. It’s amazing to see how popular Melbourne Shuffle is.

The second day was a little bit different. After Zul, Makram, Stephanie and Kit Wai gave a magnificent 12 minutes performance, the MC announced that the floor is open and seconds later, we had a group of people shuffling.

My services were only contracted for 2 days, but just as I thought my job providing shufflers for WCG ended, Philo called me to get the shufflers to perform for the closing ceremony.
Zul, Makram, Kit Wai and Stephanie had to perform in front of a bigger crowd and VIPs.
We timed our performance to be 12 minutes. Mind you, shuffling for 12 minutes is one extra ordinary task. My boys almost threw up every time they finish dancing.
I am glad that this event is over as I would have high blood pressure if I were to endure the stress and pressure from this job. But first and foremost, I must thank Philo for giving us the opportunity to promote the Melbourne Shuffle and also was nice enough for not blowing up for not turning up on time.


The new Malaysia team!

They played Malaysia’s national anthem ‘Negaraku’ for the closing ceremony. Everyone stood up when the national anthem was played

Steph, Kit Wai, Zul & Makram

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  1. wah lao… nice post weii…
    guess it was a damn nice experience… so damn wish i was der… to witness it… celaka!

  2. xes, got more vids of the shuffling performance?
    four 12 mins shows le and the finale show le!! that’s 5!.. and u post so little!!! ADUH!!! =p
    giv u 1 day!

  3. endroo: ummm just a small amount 😀
    bimbobum: eehh tak cukup la
    Darren: tomolo night?> oh at balcony eh?
    jinxed: no i dont, cause the song was picked randomly
    MaL: i’ve posted quite abit on my youtube accout edi! go check!
    poaki: THANKS!

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