A New Drink

Ok so, i’ve not been posting very often lately. Heck, i think this is my 1st post for the year. But anyway, i SHALL NOT, and i reinstate, SHALL NOT be forgotten, readers! Lately, got nothing to do lor, so i layan all my “so-called” friends who ask me to join their proposed motherfcuking lame marketting companies. banyak ‘interview’ sessions i went to man. but still, since i got ntg to do, i layan them. but interview request close edi yah? i wont go anymore. in short, i went to alot of mamaks and had alot of drinks lately la. i think on my 8th session, i was bored of local teh o(limau) ais. i even got fed up with sirup (those who dont know me personally, i nv drink sirup. unless if i really got sien la) so my friend recommanded me a new drink. i shall blog about this new drink. its called “lick my kotek”.
I know it sounds wierd and disgusting but beware, it has a meaning wan la.
Lick = horlicks
My = Milo
Ko = Coffee
Tek = Teh
so basically, its a WIDER mixture rather than the popular yinyong/cham which only consist of coffee and tea.
too bad i only using 6100, not any high class or expensive camera phone. so i dont have any images. for those who have, probably u can order one and show the ppl here the pictures 🙂 its brown in color like any usual teh color. so for those yamcha-holic, go try it and prove to the rest here how it looks like ok? 🙂 till then, have fun people!and i hope the government ban all this MLM bullshiters. if u’re one of them and are offended, go cry ur pants off

14 thoughts on “A New Drink”

  1. “lick my kotek”, sounds great if a girl tells me that!!! faai, where u drink ar?
    Anyway mentioning about MLM, they will never stop bugging u until u join the *CLAN*….my gf had meet her old friend yesterday and she keep on comparing her life and my gf’s life…*Note that is is a way to attract a person to join the company too..I don’t think government can ban those fellas because a lot direct selling companies is going towards that way…

  2. Ew..Rych….u sure? i mean..taukeh..imagine lah..
    balding man with ciggy butt hanging on his lower lip, wearing singlet, short trousers and tongs, with another ciggy on his left ear, a pen on his right ear…unshaven, messy haired, dirty fingernailed, money counting guy at the counter….
    Ew…dun so desperate laaaa…
    Then again..nowadays, taukeh..comes in many forms. One other form could be this..
    Hot lady, with well done hair, wearing thick black framed glasses, glossy red lipstick with outstanding make up, in a cheongsam, with red painted fingernails and toenails, in high heels, sitting pretty behind the counter, punching those cash machine buttons in a stylo manner…with all the foreign workers listening to her every command….
    Which would you choose? Hahahaha…

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