Malaysian Food Part IV

It’s been a while!
Noodle is my essential everyday diet.
Hence, today’s theme would be noodles 😀

Claypot ‘Lou Shu Fun’ (Rat Tail Noodles) @ TTDI, Selangor.

Wan Tan Mee @ TTDI, Selangor.

Kai Si Hor fun @ OUG

Beef Noodles @ OUG

Pan Mee (hand made noodles) @ OUG

23 thoughts on “Malaysian Food Part IV”

  1. How come only TTDI and OUG lar? Oh ya about noodles, in Petaling Street around midnight there’s a claypot “lou shu fun” is delicous too..
    xes: OUG got 1 more specialty, Seafood Noodle…

  2. galFeRari: Don’t worry! Indo mee coming ur way already!!!! Eh i Checked giant..dun have carton one la..oni maggi got…

  3. Darren: yea!! duck flavoured fried noodles at miri open market !!! ooooooooooooooo i miss it!!
    dogma: hehe cause the noodles look like rat’s tail
    pikey: Dowan tell u la. FFK US!!
    Sui Lin: keke! we go lunch there la! u organise!
    yvonne: yaay lei lou mou’s restuanrat
    Amos: seafood noodles??? WHERE???
    electronicfly: kekeekek just head down there tomorrow!
    glo: dude, the egg is raw
    Applegal: it’s at Mama’s restaurant TTDI! the wantanmee is better 😀
    galferari: this post is dedicated to alll malaysians who live overseas! eheeh!

  4. xes: The “wantan mee” is actually called “Siu Yook Mee” (roask pork noodle). Yeah it rocks. That mama’s kitchen is another branch of the original roadside restaurant at Petaling Street.
    One day we do lunch. Jom! Galferrari come together. 😉

  5. honfaai: sure sure, we do gathering there hehe
    wolfx: oohh no wonder. but i prefer the siew yuk mee than the lou shu fun!
    eRic: hehe yeah but i eat until sien already
    flush: oooh yeah!! its kL!!

  6. ummmmm… good idea!! maybe one day 😀
    but im usually quite lazy to do these things nowdays. worried that people wont turn up haha

  7. thanks for the dedication man! hahahahahha
    i like the one at Petaling Street also, damn dirty but fuiyo…sedap.

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