Accident @ Cameron Highlands

Last week, before the tragic event that befall us, there was a serious motor vehicle accident in Cameron Highland, one of the popular tourist spots in Malaysia.

A bus over turned and crashed into a ravine. Few passengers were killed. Surprisingly, there were many foreign tourists in the bus. There goes Malaysia’s reputation.

So anyway, here’s a picture of the scene of the accident courtesy of The Star newspaper.

9 thoughts on “Accident @ Cameron Highlands”

  1. hmm the fella in red there is doing something with his hand … fucking idiot tarnishing malaysia … with incidents like this and the tsunami happening …thats a great way to start 2005!

  2. look at her, the hand was bleeding and she looks like a scared kitten. of course people would want to ‘HELP’ her.
    if i was the people there, i’d probably fuck it and help the cun girl too…

  3. My pals went down to camerons to celebrate the new year at a apartment he owns. I didn’t go for fear of earthquakes, land slides and crazy bus drivers. I have you to thank for my paranoia, Xes. 😛

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