How I spent my xmas eve….

Well, I didnt spent my Xmas like that. My friend and I celebrated it @ the heart of KL, Jalan Bukit Bintang..
The entire town was in a Christmassy feeling. The roads were packed with cars and the traffic was almost standstill.
Fortunately, Ping offered to drive, hence Jennifer, Rachel, Umeng and I sat on his car. Well, unfortunately for Ping, we were stuck for 2 hours in the standstill traffic.

There were loads of people selling some sort of spray that emits foam or some Spiderman sticky strings at RM10 for 4 bottles. However, it runs out after few sprays. Bloody cheats. Further, if you don’t buy those spray from them, they will start spraying foam etc at you.

Another group of friends rented a service apartment in the city, well not really friends, I barely know them! However, they were nice to share their apartment, food and liquor with us. We even traded gifts ^.^
Everyone had to pool in presents. Then we had to draw lots. I didn’t know bout the gift polling thingie while on my way to KL. Running out of time, I jumped to the nearest shopping centre which was having some sort of Thai Exhibition. I bought a wind chime from there.
Well, in return, I got 2 packs of cigarette and a lighter. Great present, especially when I’m not a smoker.
Beers were abundant. We bought a bathtub full of beer. By the end of the night, we were wasted.

7 thoughts on “How I spent my xmas eve….”

  1. kekeke… those gal frens of urs, really hot chicks ar. 😛 Btw, 1 thing I didn’t like bout KL celebration is after the party, the place just look like a piece of shit. Terrible!!

  2. fishfish: hot chicks? never heard of the phrase behind looks like flower in front looks like….heheh no la. they are definitely hot chicks 😀 heheh
    frank: where were u la?
    darren: hehe yea we had the same idea as well
    Saphiryn: heheh msia boleh! so long its a holiday, we’ll celebrate!!

  3. I was at Sunway Boulevard whatever u call it. Packed like hell…filled with “kids” playing with smelly aerosol foam shit…overpriced cover charge…ahhh…christmas. 😛

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