Advertising the Man of the Mo…

Here’s another dose of whatchemacallit naughty, naughty stuff which a good friend wrote recently –

The candles glowing, my body’s on fire,
Your presence here with me, fuelling my desire.
Cupped your face in my hands, gazed into your eyes,
The touch of our lips, hunger growing inside…
My fingers begin tracing a path down your chest,
feeling your heart pounding.

No layers between us, just skin upon skin,
Such a wonderful sensation… but where to begin?
My temperature rising, the need to devour you as I lower my head,
To this inviting place.. a gasp, a sigh..
pleasure glowing from your face.

I feel your warmth spreading down through your thighs..
the sudden craving to be inside.
Gently now… emotions soaring wanting it to last taking it slow.
I cannot stop it now I know.
Gradually building, getting ready to explode. . . . . . . .

The afterglow of love, bodies entwined… holding you close to my heart.
How I wish you were mine.


hehe, sizzling!

On other matters, my sister is coming on Tuesday!!!! Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait! Have to wake up (should I even bother sleeping?) at a godawful hour and leave the house by 4am to reach Manchester Airport in time to pick her up. Ahhhh some major sisterly bonding sessions coming up… Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!

And before I end this post, I gotta say this:
WONG WEI CHEN IS THE GREATEST GUY IN THE WHOLE WIIIDE WORLD!!!! (eh, thanks-ar Wei Chen for the 50 bucks!)



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  1. not together? oh okay.. just wondering.. me being sarcastic? for wat? it’s an out-of-cuorisity question lur.

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