London Day Trip 1

? I’m off to London this Saturday to meet up with Gin Yew (again) and Ka Bien. Ka Bien was my former high schoolmate and I stayed at her place when I was in Sydney, backpacking around Australia. She and her boyfriend, Timothy brought me around Sydney. I guess it?s time for me to repay her good deeds :D. We are going to bring Ka Bien around London (despite the fact that I’ve only been to London once, but I guess we can manage).

Something weird is happening. Yesterday, I tried booking my train ticket online but it didn?t work on couple of occasions. Only after numerous tries, I finally managed to book it. However, this morning, I received an email saying that my debit card doesn’t work, even though I’ve been using the same card for many, many times. Seems like something is stopping me from visiting London!

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