After a Break Up – Where To Go?

Now that my friend is single and doing his best to spice up his social life, he often calls me up and invites me out, to Bimboman’s annoyance. [NB. xes has named my other half ‘Bimboman’ – not to say he IS a bimbo, ok!]

I have been too bogged down with work to meet up with him, since his girlfriend broke it off with him. What a friend, I am!

He’s asked me where he can go to meet new people and to expand his circle of friends. At his age (he’s not as young as xes!) I have no idea where to suggest him to go.

1. Clubbing? That could be a costly affair, if done regularly. And what if the girls call him ‘uncle’?
2. Recreation Clubs? I don’t know any around here that is multi-racial enough.
3. Salsa classes? Sounds possible! But where is the best place for salsa classes?
4. Gym? Not all sweaty women like to be picked up at the gym. ;P

I ran out of ideas and told him, “How bout going back online? Now there’s Facebook, or Friendster. Maybe you want to go back chatting on mIRC?” WAHahAHAHah~

I don’t even have anymore single girl friends to introduce to him.

p.s. The Official Facebook Song! But I like the acapella one better!

4 thoughts on “After a Break Up – Where To Go?”

  1. hm…can try
    hm…can intro some mutual friend to your single fren, from a fren to another fren..fren’s fren…
    do some outing…some out..rock spree, cook out session…
    oh yeah..Facebook is ROXX!!
    friendster already bit slow down..
    MIRC ages ago people are using till now, fu-yoh.!
    then ask him try icq, skype, friendfinder, etc.
    ahem …it sounds bit desperato d…muahhahaha

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